Please fix the ingame lag and disconnections

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I never once disconnected during the beta or at release, but these past few months have been nothing but lag and disconnections. I usually lag in big fights, when someone joins my game, or when I try to teleport on someone. Whenever I get disconnected, I always check my social menu and see everyone I just played with in the menus as well, meaning my net is not at fault. No other game gives me these issues, and I know plenty of wannabe trolls will say, "Get better net," or, "It hasn't happened to me alone, so it's your net's fault," but there is an issue that many players, including me are having. Please, for the sake of the players, don't bring some stupid what you think is balance and not even look at lag in the next patch.
Unfortunetely, it looks like a connexion issue but i think that you are not agree with this. So i don't know what to say that it could help you.

Sometime, nothing can be said.
It's not an issue on my end if everyone is getting kicked, and I'm usually not the first one to complain about lag. It is on Blizzard's end. Just because you or the few people that inhabit the forums might not have it doesn't mean it doesn't exist or that it's a user issue.
Been disconnected multiple times tonight, and I noticed everyone in the games I have been in were also disconnected.

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