Been wearing the same gloves for 7 months

I got them on buyout for 18m on July 8th, 2012. Not that they're anything special in the's just that it's likely these were crafted in 1.02, and I haven't had any compelling reason to upgrade them despite all of the vast changes in gear and droprates since then. Anyone else have a piece of gear that's withstood the test of time?
Sold everything and quit when paragon levels came out and regeared fully. However, I still have some old items in my stash that I keep for nostalgia.
I went through gear like a woman. About the only think I can think of that stayed with me for a long time was the Hero Flash sword; that offhand was probably the only thing I was hesitant to ever replace simply because of its intrinsic value to me. Of course, it was worth a fortune to others, but man, that was the only piece of gear I grew really attached to.
I found my CC lacunis a little bit after 1.04 legendaries were buffed, and resisted the will to sell them as they were worth a lot more back then, but I am happy I decided to use them :)
My amulet <3
My shoulders as well, early 1.03 if I remember right.
My pants.. Leftover from tank build from pre-nerf era :P
My shield, paid 1.5m and have not found a shield like it since then. I keep this barb tank oriented as a monument to the days when we didn't have such ridiculous dps. When the game was actually hard and made us spew swear words like sailors.
My glove ridiculously godly I think, cant find anything like them in the AH and they from 1.02 I think.

str - 53
int - 68
ar - 63
armor - 220
Att SP - 8
CC - 8
CD - 24%
My OH had since patch 1.02-1.03 Bul Kathos Solemn Vow 1067 dps, 1 socket 195 str. 10% IAS 832 LOH I found it in Act 3
My rare ring...had it so long I don't know if I bought it or found it.
My ICs - one of my rare (literally) good drops! Off a goblin actually, just imagine if it had escaped.

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