Help with DPS

I'm looking for suggestions on what gear i need to upgrade. I feel my 67k DPS is just !@#$. I don't have a lot of gold atm but I'm working on it. Any suggestions on what to get to get my DPS higher would be appreciated.

P.S. - The skills I am using right now work for me, so I would ask you to refrain from telling me to switch my abilities. This is for gear advice.
The obvious upgrades that stand out are your gems. They should be at least Perfect Star... and your offhand has no socket so a new weapon with native crit + socket will make a huge difference to your dps. Keep in mind though your main hand has no life steal so you will need to retain this on your offhand which can be very pricey....... whats your expected budget?
I would suggest putting all of your items down in a spreadsheet or on paper. Then, daily, go through the AH slot by slot and see where you can find the cheapest piece that will give you the largest increase in DPS.

Each day, you will also earn a little more money, which will broaden your options.

You'll also find more tomes and little gems, which will build into larger gems.

Right now, gems are extremely expensive... people are saving them up to upgrade with the patch. So, on a budget, I would advise against gemming up right now. Wait until two weeks after the patch, when people realize just how little they got for their bucks enhancing their gems. Then buy squares and tomes and improve your emeralds.
@Virtueboy ^^^ Just had a look at those prices now and it definitely not a good idea spending on gems at the moment!

@Scruffy I prob have a few spare items that you might be able to utilize for a bit more dps if your interested add me in game ClebTkon#6683 :)
I do have another fist weapon. Specs are :937.3 DPS, 108 vit, 64% crit hit damage, no dex but has a socket and currently has a Star emerald in it (70% more crit hit). Is the extra DPS worth the loss of life steal?
Also currently my budget is very low due to inactivity for a while. I've been trying to get my auctions up and running again but it is slow going
Well, a friend of mine had 2 natalya pieces just sitting in his bank that he gave me (it was my bday yesterday :P). He also gave me a new weapon. Even with the new set pieces and new weapon, im only at 77k. Is the gems them big decider here or am i missing something obvious??

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