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Why is it that sometimes when trying to login the first step stays in the "initializing" stage and will not login?
I tested my connection and speeds ...all are fine.
Other times after the login starts it takes forever to get through the three login steps.
Other times there is an error stating that there was a problem connecting to the server (error 3003)
This is an aggravation to even open the game.
I want to be able to play the game I paid for.
@Starship, hi man Let me suggest to you the "Repair Tool"

I have used this "Repair Tool" to fix some of my issues i have encountered with Diablo3.

When you start up your Diablo3 and the Window pops up where it sais "Game is up to Date", ok on the top left side there is a button Named "Help" --> click that button, then there should be a button named "Repair Tool" --> hit that button, it will automaticly trigger a download that will start repairing any corrupted files you may have regarding Diablo3. It is safe to use and wont compromise anything.

I have used this "Repair Tool" to fix some Errors i was recieving and connection issues, so give it a try man because its very helpful if you have any corrupted d3 files.

Let me know in this thread if it has helped you, Good luck.


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