Deadly Reach GREAT for PvP

Deadly Reach combined with Dashing strike is really good.
I use the rune Keen Eye. that +50% armor really does help BIG time with Barbs and rend, as well dealing with those range classes. try it out and tell me how you feel about it against fist of thunder.

If you do like it what rune do you use with it???
I have been using Deadly Reach since the beginning.
It is my must have primary (foresight or keeneye).
It is of course slower spirit gen but its effect is too huge to let go.
Now I'm so used to it that it doesn't feel slow at all.
It just pierces thru enemies (multiple hits = more LoH) in line, it's so useful for 3 pack elites or lots of mobs coming at you.
I'm sure it'll be useful on PvP, too. (haven't tried, yet.)
I can't use any other spirit gen due to this super useful long reach and the runes.
I've considered using Keen Eye and Overawe in place of Thunderclap and Hard Target. In theory, it ought to work fine, but I worry about occasionally dropping the bonus and leaving myself exposed. I think its usability depends on the width/length of each strike and how well you can line up the mobs.
Nnnot really working for me. Spirit generation is a concern, and the lack of teleport on the primary isn't something I can easily cover with Dashing Strike. If I had a higher APS, I think it might work better (more spirit), but I'd probably find my usual setup even easier.
That said, one on one, it should be pretty good.

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