Is my WD pvp ready?

Witch Doctor
Let me start this by saying i have never tried pvp on PTR. So i am a little green to say the least and i need some help getting ready for the new patch when it goes live. Is there something i am missing in my set that you guys expereinced with pvp think i should have? If you check my file and it shows my 0dog gear please re-log as i just put my alternate set on. I appreciate any tips the community can offer about skills, gear and tactics. Thanks.
Also does the 8% poison dmg from zuni trails add good damage and should i swap out ice climbers for a set?
Your armor and res's are way above ready. You should be fine defensively (including HP). Your build could be reworked. there are some skills that totally make WD's a nightmare in PVP (namely hex) If i were you, id switch out the boots for zuni's, the mana regen is reeeeally nice especially in longer fights. And since your weapon is black the %dmg will be nice to add to your dps. You should really also consider some more means of life regen. Id suggest some LS or more LOH. otherwise once your down in HP it'll be very long/hard to get back in the fight.
Yeah still some final touches i need to make that should add more to my EHP and overall life without sacrificing dps. Im expecting to get handled pretty easily until i try out different things. My 0dog gear should give me around 84k life and my reg pvp gear when im done i should have 150k+ life and im already thinking 0dog should be able to handle most melee chars. Anyways im pumped for the next patch as i loved pvp in d2. Had a barb named BvC and i kicked alot of butt with that toon.
Well from what i gather patch goes live tomorrow. I have made a few tweaks and bought litany for a ring along with zuni pox and both have good life%. My EHP is over 1.5m now and 103k dps. Not to sure about that dps but im thinking it should be ok. Only other thing i need is more life regen and of course...more EHP! What do you guys think is 103k dps enough for pvp? I remember ChuckNorris saying that 100k dps was kinda a breakpoint for dueling well geared opponents but idk if that was before they gave barbs and monks another 5% dr.

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