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I keep getting an error 3 when I try to log on to Diablo. I was able to long fine earlier this morning. I can log on to my battle.net account and even attempted to change my password to force a reset. I followed all the steps outlined in the article but none of them resolved the issue.
I too am reciving the 3006 error. Was fine for a while then extreme lag. when i tried to log back boom...3006 error. Havent been able to log back in since.
I'm just getting an error 3. Says the password is incorrect even when it is not.
Ok what I did to work around this problem was to go into the diablo 3 folder in my hard drive and start the game using the Diablo 3 EXE. file. Just double click to launch the game.
Just tried that and I still get the same error. Thanks for the info though.

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