Need Help..

Witch Doctor
Hi all,

Running out of ideas on what I can do to increase my WD performance wise.

Hunting for more VIT pieces at the moment.

Any further Suggestions will be welcome.

IMO, your DPS is VERY inflated with all that IAS. I can't see you being able to use mana intensive skills at all. Maybe look to get an actual zuni set, the mana regen there would be a start. Otherwise you could use some more mana passives. Your DPS may be 200k on paper but its 0 if u have no mana. Otherwise soem VIT on your braces or vile wards would help raise your HP by alot
Yeah, I'd recommend completeing a zuni set as I can see alot of Ias kind of like myself. I do use widowmakers though to help with mana regen and with you having high Ias that might help you more then firebomb but that is if you're doing Higher MP anyways.

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