Spirit generated from attacking objects?

Am I mistaken, or didn't monks used to generate spirit when they attacked objects in the game like barrels, bone piles, rock piles, etc.?

If yes: WTH? Why would they take that away?

If no: Barbs can generate fury by doing this... Why not monks?
No, monks have never been able to generate spirits from attacking objects.

As for why barbs can generate fury attacking and destroying objects is because it makes sense doesn't it? As in real life, the angrier you get the more you want to destroy things and the more things you destroy the angrier you get!! :D

You meditate and recite mantras to get your spirit or chi ;p
Heh... Yeah, I had the same notion Yupi.

The spirit of the law says as you did. But the letter of the law says:

Generate: 8 Fury per attack

Fists of Thunder
Generate: 6 Spirit per attack

"Generate X Fury/Spirit PER ATTACK".

Are we not attacking those nasty barrels?

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