Why do you like WD?

Witch Doctor
Because it's so damn fun! So many cool spells, so many different builds, it really never gets boring.
as others have stated I like the diversity in the class compared to the others.
Witch Doctors have a wide range of abilities that can be used. From either short range high damage zombie bear setup to ranged zero dog or using DoT's and watch the enemies bleed to death while they fight the zombies you have helping.

Almost every WD ability has it's own niche that can be exploited if used right and deadly when mastered. While you do see some WD's with over 300k dps, they spent a lot of resources getting to that point. WD's are also great at the tanking role as well despite the 30% damage increase no thanks to their zombie companions and the plethora of abilities at their disposal that can slow, raise armor, heal them, evade damage, frighten and deny enemy movement.
You can randomly pick skills for each slot and probably make it work. It's worth trying all the skills and thinking about how you can combine them into something usable, and then doing it. Most of the skills are fun and some are really funny. It's hard to "do it wrong." You can buy gear like mine, mostly affordable stuff, and do goofy things at any level. Speed farm low MP, be somewhat efficient at mid-MP, and not die at MP10. WD grows with your skill in a way no other class does.

WD is fun and funny. Playing WD always feels like playing a game to me. No other class manages that, at all.
I saw Toad of Hugeness in one of the trailers and I like pets.
Because most of their skills involve throwing some kind of creature and/or zombie at things to do damage.

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