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Basically what I see in the reported posts is a bunch of trolling:

-devs dont have a clue
-wish they would walk out
-rip d3

Yes there are things that can be improved, but comments like that do nothing to further the point of so many of the other posts...Blizzard should listen to the players.

Would you listen to people that say you dont have a clue about something you designed/built/created in your vision?
Pretty disappointing and it shows the developers don't want a diablo game, but just a game with the name "diablo" on it.

I like diablo 3, but some of the changes being made, will negate potential this game has (had?).

Account bound items, materials, etc., don't belong except in the most holy of circumstances, i.e. hellfire torches.
"...we feel that..."
"...we're okay with the current state of..."

You've used those lines and similar ones over and over in this Q&A as well as MANY times in the past. Well no offense, but it shouldn't so often be about what you feel or what you're okay with.

What about what the players feel? Shouldn't our opinions carry at least as much weight as your own? If not more? After all, we're the ones you're developing this game for. Or are we...?
The only reason for this slow and agonising death of the diablo franchise that is still viable imo is that:

The development team is full of cold-blooded reptilians from another dimension who feed off the negative energy the community members are generating with their frustration with this "product" .

That is how far I will go to understand this madness...MADNESS I SAY!
The real Devs answer is : Nothing personal just a good business ,just 12 mil copies xD.
I'm extremely disappointed in the Dev's responses for 1.0.7. I didn't think I would be with the exception of a few areas that they confirmed may not even happen (so its not worth mentioning tbh).

Here is a summary

-This isn't the PvP Deathmatch system we wanted
-We know it isn't balanced. We don't plan to balance it, but we'll help you a bit
-We don't really care about brawling, but have at it! x)

New Crafted Items
-This is going to be great for self-found players
-This is kinda cool if you don't play My Little Auction House Simulator 3
-This was intended for elite players who have proven mathematically it is a waste of time and gold (@PTR Threads featuring a poster named Chillaxin among a few others)!!!!!:DD:D:D

-They are account-bound so that Rad Stars have a sink. Remember when they were 3m from dupers? This will help fix that
-5m cost? We want you to craft more of them, so we'll punish you if you ever socket these into your gear. This further punishes you later if you want more gems
-Don't worry though, this is an attractive sink. Trust us, just like Jay Wilson was an attractive director x)
-We almost raised the price of unsocketing lower tier gems because quite frankly we want to PUNISH any player who dares increase the usage % of their nonGear items such as Gems. [Account Bound already makes players rather use their Account Bound gear. Pitiful Logic on the Devs part I'm afraid]
-State of Amethyst is fine [It always has been. You sacrifice Offensive for Defensive]
-State of Emeralds not mentioned
-State of Ruby topic skirted
-State of Topaz glossed over by mentioning a buff/mechanic change that isn't set in stone and may not exist (Like all those 2009 D3 features we didn't give you guys x) )

Classes (Serious summary until Monks section)
-We're just gonna ignore everything that was asked about Witch Doctor, Demon Hunter, and Barbs for this patch or reasons why we didn't touch them
-We want to help the wizard not play CM, but its just so effective. Changing the numbers would cause a ton of imbalance. Large changes still need time and thought. We don't want to invalidate Archon/CM by forcing players to use a different build either.

-----------Classes: Monks--------------
-We buffed spendors in an attempt to lower the efficiency disparity between using your spirit on MoC or using another skill. We aren't too aware that the actual problem is 'how' Monks generate spirit rather than what they choose to dump it into.
-We mention the inequality between the generators, but we never mention them again. :)
-We keep talking about OwE even though many Monks have geared up using tons of AR. Everything we've thought of either makes the class overpowered, invalidates their gear, or redesigns how stats on gear are rolled! We haven't even come to the conclusion that OwE is perfect for players with lower tiers of gear until they reach that 700AR point and OwE becomes just an extra bonus rather than a "Must".
-Other passives? Monks have those? We skip the topic of them having the least amount as well as the least amount of usable ones. Sure, we go back to how we could buff other skills by splitting up the elements of OwE into various other skills x)
-We don't mention a tweak or change to passives that no one uses or can make use of efficiently
-We don't mention Mantra of Healing
-We mention Mantra of Retribution, but its apart of a larger Thorns rework [which could be cool guys. Don't actually knock the thorns idea. I'm personally a bit motivated at the idea that it won't be a wasted roll on any of my lacuni's] - which everyone should understand could make it overpowered. We DONT want to buff something just to force people into builds that we will nerf later [I actually approve of this. Its...considerate in a way]

How did I do guys? Has the Random Monk summed up the Dev responses? I hope so.

I'm glad they used certain questions, but I'm not impressed with the majority of the answer. I appreciate the insight into the dev/design thought process on potential upcoming mechanics, but I don't find it a wise policy to tell the player base about something that may never be. It gets our hopes up too much and honestly hurts moral.

Can anyone find true logic in their unsocket cost? I have a penchant for buying my characters 'gifts', so unsocketing/shuffling around gems isn't something I personally do. Then again my characters are all Female and I enjoy treating them to something special now and again ;D (That snobby Wizard doesn't deserve to hit level 60 either! jk jk jk She's just boring)

I could honestly understand and back a 1m unsocket cost of Pant/Chest gems (who swaps these!?), but defintely not a weapon. I swap a Rad Amethyst in sometimes (sacrificing Off/Def) and doesn't fit into their design goal of "Just sink more gems and don't swap between characters!". Its honestly cheaper for me to just keep a 800~ DPS weapon with 800loh/3ls/rad amethyst rather than go full Marq in weapons.

They Devs still haven't mentioned the cuhrazzzy repair costs.

tl;dr - Thanks for nothing Dev's. At least you tried[sarcasm]
To me, the Q&A responses today further justifies my reasons for leaving.

If your next upgrade on the AH tends to cost around 500,000, then the new crafting recipes may start to look more appealing.

I love how wyatt thinks an upgrade is 500,000 LOL. TRY 1 BILLION

Also very lame they didn't respond to how crappy itemization is, A manticore with Strength and zombie dog % !! TOTALLY useful for a demonhunter!
Wow, just wow.

Ask the Devs is a good idea, but i am kinda baffled by these answers, its just a whole load of fluff...
Very disappointed with the questions and answers that were given. Nothing major was addressed and everything that is bringing some people back to the game is band aid fixes. I would be back if the topaz gem and thorns were changed. It is not hard to fix them, please understand this, me and thousands of other people would happily work for free at Blizzard fixing games if given the chance.

I hope the big wigs at Blizzard sits down with their share holders and tells them that this casual accessibility crusade is not the way to go anymore. Video/Computer games have become insanely mainstream and gamers want games that are going back to their roots and being more complex like the games of old. I play Path of Exile because it has everything that not only I want but many other people want.

It is only a matter of time until Grinding Gear Games dethrones Blizzard, unless Blizzard changes its ways. Remember Blizzard started out as a small company just like Grinding Gear Games is right now.
Dear Blizzard team, fellow gamers,

I just finished reading the answers given by Blizzard to its dedicated fan base and I just cannot lose the feeling after reading Blizzard's answers that they absolutely don't care about the opinions that have been given.

I mean don't get me wrong, the fact for Blizzard to organize a Q&A session testifies in a certain way of how they care and listen. But when I read the answers, all of them follow the same path :

1) Resume the facts
2) Congratulate the person for his/her idea
3) Explain why it's not going to happen
4) Explain why it's not going to happen because Blizzard said so.

I mean, certain things like making brawling an open world event, it takes a lot of work and it has been described in a very detailed manner, so well that as a player you are able to say "they're right, proportionally speaking, the amount of work behind this, is not necessarily what the game needs to focus on the most or needs". I won't budge on that.

But why do I get the feeling for 99,9% of the questions, Blizzard just denies everything. I mean, here we are, gamers, trying to make the game more enjoyable for everyone and Blizzard just denies it without a reasonable explanation.

Examples :

The Marquise unsocketing. People want to be able to unsocket depending on what they're doing, maybe they're doing ubers or brawling and need more health, maybe they're farming and need more of their primary stat just in general, what gets frustrating is to be forced to go down a path that has been recognised by the fan base as annoying yet Blizzard stands tall and against what people truly want. The ending sentence indicating that instead of unsocketing 4 or 5 times you should think about crafting a new gem, is completely out of scope. What kind of reasoning is this? The problem of the money sink was not created by players who farm hours and hours and try to enjoy what is left of this game. People hope for improvements and flexibility. Blizzard just refuses to even consider it.

The rewards for brawling. I'm not even going to talk about winning items or gold or anything like that. Streamers have indeed come up with interesting ways to make brawling more interesting. But Blizzard should ask themselves, why do people have to come up with games, or ideas like that. Why does Blizzard not think outside the box and implement instead of following behind? Back to the rewards. The reward system is inexistent. It's just brawling full stop. You like it? Good. You don't like it? Please tell us what we can do, know however that we're not going to do it, because of this, this and that. I'm sorry, that's what I say, but that's how I read each and every answer in these Q&A. I mean it's just frustrating.

The game is fun and addicting, but if Blizzard cannot, I mean does not listen to what the fan base tries so desperately to communicate, then why bother? I personally, could not look at these answers which have been provided as a game company and be satisfied thinking to myself, we are going to make improvements to the game and you shall see the reactions in the forums tomorrow will be amazingly positive. If you just want to organize Q&A's to prone the Blizzard's way, then do not organize them as getting people's hopes up for nothing is far worse.

Yours faithfully,

02/11/2013 11:33 AMPosted by matt1101
Pretty disappointing and it shows the developers don't want a diablo game, but just a game with the name "diablo" on it.

This is it exactly.
Not sure what is more depressing/disturbing - the lack of response to critical question about core issues with the game (itemization, dupping, etc.)

-OR- the fact that someone(s), be it a single raging D3 blind loyalist, SEVERAL blind loyalists or Blizz representatives themselves going through and reporting every single post that is critical of the Q&A. I'm not going to say all the negative reply's are constructive/well written, but many are, and the fact that they are systematically being reported is VERY disturbing, much like past threads addressing pressing issues (again dupping etc.) that were intelligently written and critically reasoned being erased in the middle of the night never to be seen again . . . .

. . fully expecting this post to be reported in 3 . . 2 . . 1 . .
Thanks for the pablem... for 1.0.8 don't bother with a Dev Q&A if you won't to answer (or allow the Devs) the questions players are repeatedly asking.
is it over?
Meh...what about other questions...? I know its only about the patch BUT this game still has a lot of flaws
Q. Everyone was expecting changes in Monk in 1.0.7, however the only skills that were buffed are those not used by anyone, which means that 1.0.7 changes won’t probably influence the builds used by players. Players were expecting improvements to passive skills, buff to spirit generation and improvements to skills that are useless on higher MPs – e.g. 95% of mantras. Is Blizzard finally going to give some attention to this class and can we expect some thorough changes or should we just reroll? I’m not even talking about  lack of animation for 2-hand weapons or set items that look very   poorly designed compared to those of other classes but this just adds to our impression that this class was given a rushed design.

-- Dahri@Magtheridon (Europe [Polish])

Wow, who voted this question up? I think it's great that they are making changes to skills no one uses. Why? It means that they are buffing instead of nerfing. I would rather have them buff 20 skills that I don't currently use instead of nerfing one I do. It means that I then have options instead of having to find a new option.
Thanks for info but I'm frustrated they didn't address non-marquise ruby scaling. Anyone that can't afford an 80 mil gem is very curious about that issue right now.

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