how much is the barb worth above you.

@xxxkan 350mish? real nice vit on those innas.
I really suck at this, around 1 billion???
Edit: I think 1 billion is too low.
I just find other's people gear overwhelmingly godly (is that gramatically correct?).
Rate mine, I want to laugh. (also want to check if what I payed for mine is worth it) :P

I've actually never added up what I paid haha, so I dunno

About 30mil for yours?
@G3N3S1S, 400 million?
i want to say around 150m-200m
@ Blue 75m-125m. Let me know if I'm way off.
Nice you were spot on my barb cost a total of 86 mil:)
=) good to know.

I'd appreciate it if someone could give my barb an estimate.
milkman around 1b?
Yes, ~1.1b. with current items in profile. I have a EF MH - Axe OH that i switch to when soloing mp 10 ubers. I just can't get over how pretty the BK set looks, even though they are inferior =)

This is hard... I'm going to say 800 million. ?
@Reflux 500mil-750mil

i nt sure about prices.guess more than 3b?
Not in any of your guys' league, but I'd appreciate someone looking at mine and giving me an estimate...

@Poobah - More than entire PC in real money.

around 300mill
@ Arthur

Billions? I suck at these.
@ ThePlow I'd say 800m-1Billion
@theplow 3.2 billion
02/12/2013 02:45 PMPosted by furrysqrl
@theplow 3.2 billion

You got me skipped :-P
@ furrysqrl 2.5 Bilions

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