Framerate drop/Low Framerate Issues.

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Like many of us i have been having issue with framerate dropping down to 1-10 during combat, whereas with low settings it generally runs around 50fps.

I Have tried every fix i could find on google, and on this forum.

Here are my specifications

Video Card name: AMD Radeon HD 7500G
Display Memory: 2020 MB
Dedicated Memory: 496 MB
Shared Memory: 1524 MB

Processor: AMD A6-4455M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics (2 CPUs), ~2.1GHz
Memory: 4096MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 3562MB RAM

I have done everything in my power to fix the issue before posting here

Fixes include
- Affinity for processors (just running 1, and then trying both again)
- Setting priority level of d3.exe to High, and at one point tried real-time
- Bare minimum Graphics options in-game. w and w/o Vsync, low FX enabled, AA disabled. no shadow, etc.
- Monitered cpu/gpu heat source to determine there is no overheating issue.
- Closed all possible background programs including windows real time protection
- Downloaded ALL latest drivers for this computer, uninstalled old, installed new.
- Brought computer to different locations to check Network performance vs fps performance. determined latency and fps were completely unrelated.

Please anyone tell me what am i missing?
I have been playing this game on and off since august 2012 with no problems, all of the sudden approximately 2 weeks ago i start having dramatic FPS problems, and it appears to be getting worse.

A response from a blue would be great, a response from anyone with helpful advice would be great.

Much appreciated
I came back to check and see if anyone responded, unfortunately nobody did, but i do have 1 more piece of information to add.

I DO NOT encounter this FPS problem on the PTR....... i find that odd

There shouldn't be any differences between the PTR and the current live client as far as I know. They're separate clients so they don't really share anything.

I'd take a look at the two prefs files for both and see if they're basically the same.

They're located in your My Documents\Diablo III folder and are called:


They're just text files so you can open them with any editor and compare them.

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