Need suggestions for my gear and build

Hello fellow Barb community

I was wondering if I can get some help / suggestions with my Barb's gear and build.

I tried the WW / Sprint build but right now, it doesn't fit my playstyle and I don't have the gold saved up for the gear

Right now I can pretty much solo all of inferno with my current build and I am having fun with it

Any suggestion about my build and gear upgrades would be much appreciated

If anyone has any helpful links in regards to gear that would be awesome as well. Obviously I dont have millions in gold saved up, so I need a really good low budget set that would allow me to try some MP runs.

Thank you in advance
Post a link to your barb profile. Unless you're asking for advice for your human rogue?
Sorry for some reason it still has me logged in on my stupid rogue

Here is the link:
02/11/2013 01:58 PMPosted by Cyrix
I tried the WW / Sprint build but right now, it doesn't fit my playstyle

So are you pursuing a custom build? That gets a little tricky to make recommendations for, but there are some tips that can still help you.

Well the first big no-no I see is that you have almost 30% of all stacked vitality on your weapons. This will become an issue later. All stats on weapons (at least until end game) should be considered temporary rentals.

The best advice I can give you is to build your barb inside out. Work on core EHP pieces which is the Shoulders, Chest, and Pants and maximize as much EHP you can from them. In addition to those, some combo of your belt/boots should also give you EHP bonuses. Go for as much VIT/AR/Strength you can get and also get as many defensive buffs along with those stats as you can. i.e. %life, armor, and life regen. It is important to note that most barbs can not transition into upper tier monster power levels due to lack of EHP, not lack of DPS.

You currently have 237 all resists. My target for All resist has been 600 (I will get there one day hopefully lol). Overall I want 60K life, 6000 armor, 650-700 all resist. This is no easy or cheap task...but it gives me something to aim for.

Once you have your EHP pieces repaired, start stacking Crit Chance > Attack Speed > Crit Damage (in that order). You will notice, most barb skill synergize directly with crit chance and attackspeed. The Crit Damage bonus is a pure dps mod that takes you from good DPS to crazy DPS. In addition to that try to get as much str/vit/ar on as many pieces as you can.

If you are doing a hybrid build it will be fun for you at the beginning but soon realize that one of the "cookie cutter builds" which are currently whirlwind or hota/rend are the clear superpowers in terms of efficiency and ease-of-completion. If you are not interested in either of those...then by all means continue with your custom build.

Consider going to the stickied topic that Koala has posted on the front page to read on possible builds that you might be able to integrate into your own!

Hope that helps and good luck!
Thank you for the advice

I have a long ways to go in terms of improving my gear

I have to buy "poor man's" upgrades with decent stats because I dont have millions to spend on items. I make due with what I can.

I guess I may have to switch to a WW / Sprint build soon but I am having so much fun with my build.

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