Do you run with Pick up radius?

I'm not a big fan of PUR for the exact same reason Acri is saying he got some lol. I like to leave a few health globes behind just in case I have some crazy health link mob that hits freakin hard that I have to kite a little bit.

PUR is great for gold but find it strategically limiting for health globe pick up. If they every made it to where you don't pick up health globes at full health, i might consider about 6-7 yards...but that would probably be my max.
1) Yes,as your gear gets better it gets harder and more expensive to maintain. Actually it gets ridiculously, retardedly expensive to maintain. Adding PUR to an already good Vile Ward, Lacuni, or Ice Climber can add 100mil + to the cost.

2) Nevertheless PUR is mandatory for me - I simply can't get myself to bypass that much gold.. I got my Ice Climbers for 100mil and I will likely be buried in them.

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