Did I get a good deal?

I purchased a Immortal Kings chest for my Barb today on the GAH for 9,750,000. Stats are
Armor 772 +367
Strength 181
Vitality 44
Life Regan 474
most I ever spent at one time hope I didn't make a mistake. Vits a little low but I think I will be able to keep my life around 40K. Watcha think?
i think the vit is a little low, but the life regen is pretty solid so i think that makes up for it. I'd say it's a pretty good deal
Thanks, forgot All resist 77 plus set bonus allres of 60
Just to clarify something, i don´t know if u know and your post made me confuse or if u don´t know, but your armor is not 772 + 367. Your armor is actually 405 + 367 = 772.

IK Chest can't roll more then 457 armor but u can get an extra up to 397.

Check the IKER page if u still have any doubts: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/immortal-kings-eternal-reign

I can't say for sure if you made a good deal cause the game is down now, so can't check the AH, but i know that the chests with lower VIT were going down on prices, i don´t know how low they are now. ANYWAY, congrats! But just keep in mind the prices are coming down, keep your eyes on the AH to try to get one with better vit!
yeah, it was cheap due to the low vit roll. typically pants / chest is where you want to stack vit since it can roll 200+

you already have decent vitality and health regen is becoming and expensive stat with pvp... so decent buy i think.
I Didn't know that the armor stats worked that way. Learn somethin new every day. Thanx Mech.
As far as the Vit goes I have diff rings and Gloves that I swap out depending on what I'm doin (Key farming, Public Games, Diffrent MP levels,etc) and what build I'm using, that give me differnt amounts of health. So even thou I would have liked more vit on the pants the price seemed right for these.
That's a good deal considering how valuable life regen is in PVP. Think of it this way, when using inspiring presence, you would need 23,700 life (474/0.02) to get that life regen =)

Oh and I checked on AH last night, I think the lowest I saw with similar stats IK armor was 17M.

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