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So, i just tried to launch Diablo, and it wanted to patch, which is fair enough. But afterwards, my launcher says that my game is up to date, but when i try to login it says i have to update. This keeps repeating over over and over again.
I did try connecting to another region, same issue.
Does anyone have the same issue or any ideas what's going on?
IT gets to the main page where i try to log in when i do i cant get connected???
Server Status Error. Server is down for maintnence???
If you are playing in the America region, aye.
Having the same problem as Etherian after trying to switch to the European server to play
If your home region is The Americas, you will be patching to 1.0.7 today. Other regions have not gone through this yet, so you will be unable to play until those respective regions patch.

As for The Americas server, maintenance will begin at 03:00 AM PST and is expected to last for 10 hours. During this time Diablo 3 will not be available for play.
Cool thanks bud appreciate it :) !!!!
Is there any estimate of when they will release the patch on European servers?
When will Blizzard release the patch to Asian servers? I keep getting the same problem as Etherian after the patch auto update.
Hey all, I got some additional information.

Europe 1.0.7 maintenance is at 6pm PST today
Asia 1.0.7 maintenance is at 12 pm PST on Wednesday 2/13.

These are just the maintenance start times. I don't know how long it will be in maintenance for. You will want to check those specific region forums for that information.

Hope this helps!
Thanks Machkhan. Well it's a bit frustrating to wait that long for the Asia region (where I'm at). But for what's worth, I'm glad that you have provided the maintenance schedule for these regions. I'll try to launch and connect to the Battlenet server again on Thursday (2/14).
Hey!I'm playing from Israel and can't log in to the game becouse it's says the game needs to update to version 1.07.Some body knows when i will be able to play again?
There hasn't been any newer updates. Are you using the Diablo III launcher to ensure all updates are applied?

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