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cheers troubleshoot,
i know im only new but i just thought id throw around some ideas that i have had experience with in the past from other games\guilds that seem to work well.

thanks for the link to, ill get onto them straight away
Had a good old chat to wazz last night on team speak. Good setout on his server
I find it easier to discuss upgrade options on ts than in game because I'm trying to pause the game every 5 seconds to write a message and holding up other players :)

Btw I've had a quick browse and I'm wondering if it's worth while putting up what players can handle so that other lower players can run higher mp's for key runs and greater xp runs/ farming if you don't agree I can just delete this post lol

Completely agree with adding a section of what we are capable of. im good up to mp3 and i really dont like hassling higher level guys for carries. would be good to get a few names that are running similar mp to jam with.
Updated, if you guys want me to add the MP lvls just post here
I better do some updates on the website, eh?

Just gotta peel myself away from Heart of the Swarm.
Would like to join your cla, an active member everyday play. message me please :)
03/13/2013 07:56 AMPosted by rydlz
Would like to join your cla, an active member everyday play. message me please :)

If you were to read the OP you would have seen that this thread isn't the place to post. Also If you were to look at the members list you would have seen that you, Sir, are already a member. But the problem is, your first post didn't tell us where you were from as this one has no mention of that either. Therefore you are put on the TBD (To Be Determined) part of the list, only becuse you and evey one else on there has not followed the easy instructions that are on the first page about leaving your locallity as well as your battle tag.

So, with that said, You were in the guild, a while ago. And we still do not know where you are from mate.SO please post in the correct thread and not here and I can add you to the proper locality
Taross sydney member im on most nights can help out a lot on monks in pvp and farming as well as barbs if you need help hit me up when im online
do many use the ts server?
Whenever I've been in there, it's just Watter and Nek. Nice blokes. Easy to get along with.

I'd encourage as many people as possible to jump in and chat!
I have just put out a new thread regarding this please read. Also on our FB page.
Deathdad#6585 here, you've already put me on as a member, I didn't realize I hadn't told you I was from Victoria, having plenty of fun with the others and just got teamspeak working, good groups and plenty of fun all round glad I joined
Toxin#1603 From New Zealand
M1K3 #1161 , Australia QLD, Friend request me :)
May I know what server are you playing?

Just posted my detail on the other thread

Hi Aus/NZ add me for keys HC ubers/keys


MY main char is a WD, heres a link to his macro/micro details:

Add me if i'm good enough for your group.
Good enough??
Cloudkill, were not picky mate.
We will take you if you want to play? Casual gamer, hard core, soft core...n we don't mind
Slap a like on the FB page ( and hope to see you in game or on our teamspeak one night.

Welcome to The Southern Legion mate.
HI all, im in Queensland, please add me to list for Queenslanders lol
hey posted on the other thread, roughly how long does it take to get a response :D?1

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