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Is the standards either Logitech or Razor? What model do you play with? How does the programming keys work on those things?
I went for G19 wired KB with the G700 wireless mouse.
I find it's a nice combo and the macro keys are easy to program on the KB and Mouse.
With a press of the button on my mouse it IDs all my stuff with a AI script among other things.
Topped it off with a G930 headset also with a few macro keys
The whole set up is great for me because the mouse and headset charge from the same type of USB that charges my galaxy.
Ties everything together nicely.
Some people say wireless is no good for gaming but I only play for a little fun sometimes and really... like it matters for D3...
check out zowie keyboard, if ur into sc2.
02/13/2013 10:24 AMPosted by joshi
On keyboard side, stay the fk away from Corsair. 1 faulty k90, and one k60. Thats an impressive 2/2.

Weird. I have both and they are great.
I use the Razer Naga for my gaming mouse, I have never had a problem with it and am really enjoying its use :]
Keyboard: Cooler Master Storm Blueswitch (cheapest decently made blueswitch on planet) or Black Widow Ultimate. Filcos are good too but pricey as hell.

Mouse: Razr anything...
On keyboard side, stay the fk away from Corsair. 1 faulty k90, and one k60. Thats an impressive 2/2.

Weird. I have both and they are great.

I guess you got the two i was supposed to get then :p

On a more serious note, if you visit the corsair forum, there are a lot of complaints on both keyboards. Gotta love the fact that they were also marketed as entirely mechanical keyboards, when this was not the case.
i don't even use a keyboard. I use a Razer Deathadder mouse and a Razer Nostromo
Logitech G700 for mouse. I prefer more buttons on top rather than on the side like Razer. Very nice if you like to drink while you game.
I use the Logitech M570 wireless trackball for playing Diablo on my laptop. Love it.
I am actually really interested in this topic.

Any help would be appreciated from you knowledgable computer gamers.

So here is the issue, Apart from the diablo series(and AoE) im a console gamer, *shock horror*, so my mouse/keyboard skills are good but apart from left click, right click, and a few keyboard buttons(im pretty good at this lol) Not very advanced. I see these mouses with 18 buttons and just cant see myself using them.

Basically I am looking for a simple, yet well made, relatively cheap mouse/keyboard that I can use.

Any suggestions?
Logitech G700 mouse on laptop. I don't like the long cord with the Razer.
For Diablo 3 I use a Razer Naga mouse with the 6 thumb buttons. I find it easier then using the keyboard for my skills. I just got a Razer Black Widow Ultimate keyboard, which is really nice and mechanical. If you want a basic mouse maybe try the Razer Death Adder. I have one like that also, it is very comfortable and well made. Sorry if I sound like a Razer commercial but they make good stuff!
This is the setup I use and it works pretty awesomely, and it won't break your bank either.



All this fancy equipment ;-)...I'm still using my original Saitek Cyborg keyboard and mouse. Love them both but the are both getting worn out. It will be a sad day when I have to replace them.
02/13/2013 11:13 AMPosted by Bukizzle

Wow, i just need a mouse not a transformer.
02/13/2013 11:44 AMPosted by Gold15

Wow, i just need a mouse not a transformer.

lol it's not as complicated as it looks! :D
I use a Logitech G15. The only reason I'd want to change is to get a mechanical keyboard. Somebody, I forget who, makes one that looks like a G15, but the Macro keys aren't mechanical on it - wtf? They key action is fine on the G15 anyway, so I'm not really looking to replace it.

I just got a Madcatz R.A.T. 7 and I love it! If you want to fit the mouse to your hand and like a smooth and fast glide, check it out. Most comfortable mouse I've ever owned.
I also use the G-15 love the damm thing for mouse i actually use a Logitech trackball.

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