[Build] Disintegrate 1.08

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Updated 5/7
This build will allow you to have UNLIMITED channeling of disintegrate. Literally can stand in town and channel with NO loss of arcane power. Using my gears and build i farm mp8 for exp and i can stand in mp10 ghom's face without moving and have him killed in about 51secs.

Build is:

My gear/profile:

D3up link:

I usually run mp10 keeps3/2 or Vota using chaos nexus for aoe, teleport for fast movement. storm armor for my #2 damage dealer and power of the storm rune so i never use any of my arcane power. sparkflint and force weapon for enhancing my beams dmg. mirrors/mocking so i dont have to stop channeling for frozen elites and can just pop out of being frozen when that happens, and they stun which couple'd with illusionist stuns alot while i stand in the middle of everything.

passives: blur(GC)/illusionist/temp flux

blur: i never want to move so having the dmg reduction if enemies can get to me helps so i never have to move. also a HUGE help for RD elites, arcane beams and mortar. (Glass cannon can work here but you'll want 400k+ ehp plus 300k+[not including soj] dps and 5.5%+ LS. At that point your heal through almost ALL incoming dmg as long as you do not panic and continue to channel.)

illusionist: for cd on teleport and mirrors

temp flux: slows enemies coming at me and with chaos nexus everything is slowed giving me all the time in the world i need to kill them.


Tals' 4 piece set will be needed for the +2 arcane power/sec. i dont want to waste passive on astral pres (WH/Mempo offers attack speed so when using zero apoc they actually hinder my dps as i run out of AP using them)
using a tals ammy with +dmg helps ALOT

Skorn: life steal (5.5%+ LS) and dmg (1400+) is huge for beam and thunders. also the slow weapon dmg is needed to not use my arcane power resource. I found since this setup uses less than 50% cc so i soc weapon with dmg (red) gem.

SOJ: must have -5dis to avoid using any of the arcane power

Lacunis: movement speed

Zuni ring (+dmg/6cc u dont want AS here because u get it on gloves/armor/bracers and u do not want to exceed 1.3AS on all gears) and zuni boots (8%-150+int-high vit+armor)

pants: rares with high int/vit/allres/armor

gloves: i have a pair of crafted 227int/9ias/31cd/10cc but depending on play ill use my t&t 9as/73allres/10cc. the difference is 30k dmg. although using t&t with blur passive i never have to move

With Enchantress buff and my attack speed, with this gear setup i can push ias to 1.3 max to not use ANY AP. anything above seems to drain it.

thoughts/questions appreciated, thanks

Update: using same skills but switching MW rune to blood and utilizing chants set ( 2.7%+ LS chant wand needed)also works. U must be hitting something and with 18+apoc u will never run out of ap. sheet dps much lower but with the attack speed there are more ticks of dis.
If I have 16 AP per sec regen and my Arcane Torrent cost 14 AP, why do I eventually run out of Arcane Power?
whats your attacks speed?
Like 2.2 or something. I even used power of the storm and I still run out of AP with Disruption Torrent
So you have to calculate your attacks speed in that. you are attacking at 2.2 so its 14 arcane power for torrent right? so 14 X 2.2 = 30.8 per/sec. thats why
Ty didn't know that. Same with beam?
yes. hence i use -5soj and -3 because of storm armor. and i have 1.26 attacks speed with +2 ap per/sec from tals set
Been trying to find a nice helm with -5 ap torrent like on a tals or Mempo but no luck :/
just get a -5 at soj and use power of the storm rune. use 4 piece tals set. u'll be fine
you killed mp10 ghom in 1:48? If yes, then it is really impressive
yes i did, thank you
This is essentially the build I plan on using in hardcore. Finding the gear will be a pain. Not that much stuff on AH.
yeah it is haha. not gonna lie, it took me awhile to get/find the right pieces
Just did a test on ghom, i have way worst gear, buyed a cheap -5 disintegrate soj. For my luck it was cold dmg. Killed ghom in mp6 with temp flux, in 56 sec. After that just for fun, i tried cold blooded. It was 44 sec. Just stopwatched, so it can be +- 1-2 sec difference. It seems, that cold blooded works with cold soy and any spell.

Just interesting :)
Just did a test on ghom, i have way worst gear, buyed a cheap -5 disintegrate soj. For my luck it was cold dmg. Killed ghom in mp6 with temp flux, in 56 sec. After that just for fun, i tried cold blooded. It was 44 sec. Just stopwatched, so it can be +- 1-2 sec difference. It seems, that cold blooded works with cold soy and any spell.

Just interesting :)

mp6 sorry, but i mentioned it
Were you using a scoundrel with cold dmg?
Also FYI: my testing was done on ghom mp10 WITHOUT my merc. i wanted to see if i could face tank/heal through all of the possible dmg
Glad to see this build is still used somewhat in the community. In terms of avoiding button mashing it seems to stand out. I've tried other builds here and there but either through lack of skill or lack of funds I can't get them to work quite right.

Started to play around with the build a little bit so my current configuration isn't what I usually use. Main difference between mine and the OP is I tend to use Crystal Shell instead of Mirror Image and Prismatic Armor instead of Storm Armor. I'm also level 35 instead of 79 with much worse gear which might explain my more defensive posture. In that same vein I've been trying to knock down the Crystal Shell cool down so I use CM and Evocation but find I have to run around a bit about half the time. I'll try and use the OP build instead and see if it works for me. It's hard to imagine surviving without Crystal Shell though.

Toughest thing about this build as someone mentioned already is getting the -5 AP piece of gear that isn't a helm. Mine is an amulet but I'm sacrificing quite a bit of damage to do so.

You say Temporal Flux is getting buffed? That would be great. Not noticing any advantage is why I started messing around with the passives in the first place. I'd love to put that back in.

Outside of avoiding wrist cramps I think it's a good build for group play even though it doesn't have crowd control. Standing behind a tank while the beam cuts through all the monsters they've stacked up seems useful. Solo play is a little tougher. For things like Withering Deceivers that like to surround you I port next to a wall so they can't get completely around me.

Anyhow, if anyone has any suggestions for my character, especially recommendations on which pieces of gear I might want to work on upgrading they would be most appreciated.

@ZW. i looked you over. your ehp is pretty low and if u can get a decent tal set for the 4 piece ap bonus, with the -5 dis ring and the power of the storm armor AND the life steal from a skorn (which u really need) u will no longer need to run to walls. u will be having dis up at all times healing yourself. only reason mirrors r needed is to pop outa frozen/jailer quickly. i choose mocking rune only becasue i prefer the graphics and out of all the options taking the brief second stun seems the best

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