Can't play Error 14001

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Every, EVERY time there is a new patch, I have to completely uninstall and re-install D3 because of error 14001. This is so frustrating. I have tried deleting my cache folder and the d3debug.txt file as some have suggested possible fixes. I run windows 7. Please help me out, I really wanted to play this game, but I have reached my limit for how much stress one video game can give me. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! I am not going to do a re-install ever again, so if that is going to be a suggestion, it is no longer an option.
This is usually caused by firewall software that blocks the download of the license agreement.
Try disabling whatever you are using (peerblock, antivirus software with integrated firewall, ...) and start up Diablo.

Windows Firewall usually doesn't cause this problem btw.

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