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Last patch removed some elites that didnt needed to be killed, so insted of geting the achievement now I have all mobs on the page and dont have the achievement...
I'm in the same situation. I only had the rockworm and savage rockworm monsters left. They were removed with the patch, and now the list is complete but the achievement is still unchecked. Probably the system only verifies the list when you actually tick a monster in it.

One possible easy hotfix would be to add a new monster in the list (like the Maniacal Golgor in A Rare Phenomenon). This would permit us to finally get the achievement.
Same here
Bugged on EU servers as well
02/13/2013 02:31 AMPosted by Triosama
Bugged on EU servers as well

Well, Im on the EU server, there is no EU bug forum
same here.all checked no points
The bug is already listed in the known issues. But maybe you could help me bumping my solution thread because then we have a big chance a blue man read it and fix it.
Read my solution ^^
Same problem.
You guys would be help if u would push my solution thread.
First off, I'm outraged by this "known issue". Some people managed to complete 100% of the achievements with this patch, but evidently I and players like me are being "penalized" because we completed all but the rockworms before this patch. So now new players can complete this achievement but we can't?!? This is outrageous.

Second, in the two other threads where this bug has been reported, Liogela/Blizzard has acknowledged the issue but simply shut down the discussion by pointing out that it's a documented "known issue" and locking the threads. I don't feel this is an appropriate response. Shouldn't the community be able to provide feedback regarding the widespread impact of this bug and the frustration it causes?

Finally, I don't see any point in promoting the "solution thread". Speaking as a programmer myself, there are many possible solutions to this "known issue" and I'm sure the Blizzard programmers are very aware of the proposed solution as well as many other possible solutions. The problem isn't knowing how to fix it; it's simply a matter of choosing to implement a fix.

This issue OBVIOUSLY should have been fixed in the 1.0.7 patch and not simply listed as a "known issue". Please fix this ASAP!!! (locked) (locked) (known issues)
We want a hotfix, please!
Yeah, a hotfix would be nice.

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