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Hi guys, I've been using a Mac since 88 and the only time i ever used Windows was in High School and at a summer internship. I've been a Blizzard Gamer since Warcraft 1 because of their seamlessness on the Mac OS.

D3's performance on Macs is worse than dismal.

I'll be purchasing my first Windows Desktop for gaming. I wanted to know if you guys think this will be enough, because I am completely clueless. I've been reading reviews, combing thru specifications, and doing comparisons for the last couple hours. I think I found the best value in an HP Pavilion from Best Buy, but would really appreciate the input from some more experienced gamers/Windows users.

I am aware it doesnt have an insane graphics card, but I'm really on a budget. All I want is to be able to run D3 (as well as some Steam games) with Good FPS and acceptable Graphics.


^This is the Tower.


^This is the Monitor.


Like I said, I'm really on a budget here, and I'm not looking to use this Computer for anything other than Diablo 3, DoTA2, and other Steam Games down the road.

Thanks Guy :D
ok one dont go best buy
2 use newegg for prebuilt systems and what is your budget that would help alot
also not trying to be a @**%%!!! if your didnt wast all your money of a op mac it wouldnt be such a prob in the long run just saying mac isnt as good as they tell u
and no that system will not run d3

if u have any ? plz feel free to email at dhkenny2001@yahoo.com i can help u more from there
im emailing you right now
I strongly suggest building your own pc. Here's a great video on doing just that (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFkykETgkoo).

And here's a link showing great pc computer builds across different budgets (www.logicalincrements.com).

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