Am I gimping myself by not using a Wand?

Just rerolled a Wiz, and I haven't decided what build I'll run at 60 (depends on where I'm at money wise), but I have a strong preference for using Swords or Daggers. Would I be gimping myself by doing this however? I think Wands have some built in Wiz attributes?
Wands tend to have a faster attack rate base. Wands can also roll Wizard specific affixes such as APoC and Maximum Arcane. Other important affixes on weapons are socket, critical hit damage, lifesteal and intelligence. Also a black damage weapon (so no elemental damage on it) tends to give more DPS in combination with some other Wizard items.

At the end of the day there is no clear winner for what weapon is best. It all depends on availability and budget.
The archon spec does not require APOC. Most people run with a black weapon and a trium.

CM/SNS requires at least 18-20 APOC and alot of attack speed, so Chantodos's Will is the best for that.

I'm sure there are other builds inbetween that you can play with. You could do stormcrow if you need some APOC....and add occulus or tal's source for more APOC....and still use a sword or dagger
The only builds that really favor wands are high AP spenders that use CM/WW engines to keep the tank full of gas. And for those builds, Chantodo's Force or a very high end Slorak's are the only wands that matter.

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