Addictman Voucher Thread

my thread comparing my build vs. the Union and other Trolls was deleted so please post vouchers and report my runs since I'm trying to invite everyone still.

Thanks for coming along regardless. Sorry if you were there when my ex gf showed up -- she sure messes up my CM build
I can vouch for the effectiveness of Addictman
Video or didn't happen. Uncut.
02/13/2013 12:09 AMPosted by Niko
Video or didn't happen. Uncut.


I'll set up a vid for you soon.
Verdict...drum roll.

So Addictman was kind enough to join one of our runs.
Yes, his gears can be viable in MP10 (in a group, we had two other sns wizzes and one dh). But also at the same time, he died 2-3 times or more often than dboy, dh and I.

So, yes, he did put out a lot dps but still, his mitigation was still questionable as it is indicated in his profile.

and whenever he died, he said, "lag, latency, his roommate is downloading adobe and of course his ex showed up".

I wasn't questioning whether his gear can run or not. Esp with reflect nerf, it will be fine. However, expect to die numerous times unless your ex doesn't show up or your roommate doesn't download adobe.
About what I expected to hear.

I guess what it comes down to is what it means to "farm" an MP. To me, "farming" means that, short of two simultaneous Maniac blasts, being vortexed into two or three molten blasts, or being nightmared into five Arcane Sentries (or some similar huge amount of burst damage) you're not really at risk of dying.

I also wonder how much the tankiness of your toon allowed him to run his hyper glass cannon build.
@yodatoy: Well, it's kinda mixed. I agree when you see trends about someone making "excuses," it's worrisome. Though I've been running ubers with 350k EHP, if lag hits it doesn't matter if I'm tanky. Usually I'm dead, unless I'm lucky or there is another CM/WW wiz. There is very little you can do when 5s lag hits and it's why I'm so reticent to progress in hardcore IMO. :(

Sometimes lag can hit a fair amount in a run and is completely absent in another. High latency is often possible to fight, but survivable in many cases. Though you have to be very careful, since our permafreeze and DPS multiplier plummets. I confess I'm less convinced by excuses "of downloading adobe or ex-gf showing up." And lag is usually very easy to spot, since a character stops moving/attacking. I've watched crippling lag take me out and lots of buddies. And this is usually followed by someone shutting down all other non-D3 applications and lowering their D3 graphics settings.
I will definitely respect his wizard skill if he only died 1 or 2 times during the run and only caused by bad combination affixs elite group plus without using force armor or in maghda fight. As a cm wizard especially carrying people for uber mp10, we are expected to be tanky in any situation because others rely on us to keep the mobs frozen and not jump away especially if there is only 1 wizard in the run. In my runs, often my wizard's dead drags everyone else along with it. Though my DPs is low but others will make up for it. Most of my runs are zero dead.

I'll set up a vid for you soon.

Sure, take your time =)
Seriously though I don't like dying as much as the next guy and truth be told addixtedman could use a bit more mitigation

But two words

Unstable Anomoly
Yeah...played with addictman last night on a short MP10A3 run, and then MP10 ubers. As expected, he did pretty well, even running SNS. He does alot of micro....running around arcane, keeping his distance from the enemies at times, depending on the situation (not right up in the grill, face tanking). When he did die (which he did once), like yodatoy said, excuses ranged from scratching his nose to latency issues....impossible to confirm, of course. In his defense, they were to the "new" plagued damage, I'll cut him a break since this was new.

He also gets alot from running at 3.0 breakpoint along with cold snap. I mean, its a pretty solid lockdown/permafreeze,.....hardly any stutter. And if the enemies don't get a break to throw down desicrator or arcane beam or whatnot...then why have a TON of mitigation. It is definitely food for thought....and did him pretty well.

I also joined him for ubers. Since I was satisfied (even before joining really) that as vanilla CM (Energy armor, etc) he'd do fine, we each just ran a version of SNS at 3.00 and I helped out (i.e. no need for his 3.0+cold snap and EA/FA Uber carry setup). Largely it went well....he left me alone once to see how my "invisible" 80K DPS at 3.0 AS would hold up in MP10 getting our 5 stacks....which it didn't, obviously. He joined back in and quickly killed off the pack....the DPS is very impressive. During the Gohm Uber I was checking out his gear and caught that he deftly swapped his OS Will for a LS Will....couldn't handle the poison gas with his low LoH (Gohm moved around alot...perhaps substantiating his latency claims). He died once during SK/Mag (insert lame excuse). I died once too. Our stacks were running low, (we were carrying another person who had 0 DPS) he took on the SB/Kule on his own...while we waited in the lobby. One death....high latency, or something. He eventually killed them and we grabbed the spoils.

TL;DR: While his 3.5B gear is not plug and play facetank SNS, it was really never sold as was an assumption we made. As a 250k DPS CM wiz who micros situations when necessary, swaps gear and abilities when needed...he was very, very impressive. I have no doubt that with FN/CS and EA/FA and a little micro he could easily carry MP10 Ubers....without question. An hour of playing on MP10....with only ~3-4 deaths....Not bad. And no where as squishy as I would have thought.

Thanks for the run Addictman.
It shames me to admit this, but I was the zero DPS person Piehole and Addict were carrying. I appreciate the run, and will also vouch for the fact that Addict did complete the MP10 run while dragging my sorry rump around. You weren't the zero DPS person I was talking was the other dude....the paragon level 4 wiz. The one that died every time a monster gave him a nasty look. Give yourself a little credit!

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