Post 1.0.7, error 3007 connection timed out

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Recently downloaded patch 1.0.7 without any problem, return to the game and I can't even progress past authentication "Connecting to Server..."

I play from Japan on The Americas server and have for a long time now. And if I change the server to Europe, I can get in fine.

Any fixes to this issue?
Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated
Same here. Playing from a base in Japan on the Americas server. I never had issues with connecting until this patch, and never got a 3007 error at any point in the past 3-4 months. This something region specific or is it applying to others as well?
We're in the same boat
same problem here. tried to use every possible solution on the internet and still didnt work. I live in Vietnam
Yeah, I was able to log into Europe as well. Pretty sure its not a problem on our end...
Just checked again, still broken. I had been looking for an excuse to try out path of exile lol.
I have tried the alternate DNS, including all instructions in the sticky thread
error 3007 here still persists after the proposed solution on the forums (ie disabling antivir and setting to automatic the secondary connection in the settings) it happens less frequently though. Today it only happened once after playing the game for over than 10 hours.
Disconnected twice in the last hour with a 3007. I've never experienced it until this patch. I'm on the East Coast of the U.S., playing on the Americas server.

HERE is the error i get ... UPGRADE NOW ??? What the heck is that UPGRADE button on the top right of the image ? Click your way to level 60 ??? WTH is this ???


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