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scattered and gone with the wind.

Note : this was originally a book I wrote with the suggestions and proposals to the passive changes. It contained the lore of each passive that I deciphered from my understanding of the mysteries of the world, and also an explanations for their changes to balance the Monk class.

Shortly after the book was complete, I realized it's not good to mess with the natural flow of the way things are, and some of the things I wrote was sacrilege, so I deleted the book. All that is left is the list of proposals without explanations. If you are a developer reading this, just use your unconscious mind and you'll realize the truth in the passive proposals and what each one means.
If you seek further understanding, you can contact me if you're inclined.

I am LordRaahl / CountFury, and here is the link to the list of changes,
All Passives Proposals

I will not explain any of them, and this book will remain empty.
Thank you for your time.

EDIT : I have raised this thread from the abyss,
and may soon restore the whole book itself,
stay tuned if you had supported this movement in the past.
scattered to the wind.
scattered to the horizons.
scattered to the wind.
gone into the horizons.
Good lord. And all I thought I had to do was mash two buttons.

this is truly TL;DR.

i don't even know where to begin or what to say to all that.......
too much free time
OMG what did I just read? I'll be sleeping over these changes Rhaal. Thanx for the happy dreams :)

I DO want THAT near death experience!. Excalted soul and transendence are my second favorites.
Also, excellent suggestion with Guiding light - we should be more altruistic, we are monks afterall.

But I gotta say. These changes sound too much and radical. I fail to see even the possibility of them been incorporated into our class.

As for OWE... it comes in par with your other suggestions but I don't see it working as a solo change, because I'm pretty much all the time w/o spirit or w/o life :) so when the bad counter procs I will be dead at the same time not beeing able to use the +100% dmg buff.
I think this game has broken people's brains.
Raahl I seriously hate your threads. Every single one of them.
how about u invest ur time into something more productive like actually playing the game instead of this pile of bull!@#$
Didn't bother reading as i'm not a Monk or dev, but hopefully the content is good and if so the feedback gets to the devs.
needs a summary of new passives in the beginning. i probably scrolled over most of them.
Also, ich fand deine Ideen wahnsinnig gut. Wie bei jedem "TL;DR" den du schreibst, bringst du mich zum nachdenken. Ja, der Mönch braucht mehr als ein "cookie cutter" Mentalität, wie du es zeit ewig sagst. Es steckt viel mehr Potential hinter den Kulissen, und hier hast du die passive Fertigkeiten auf den Punkt gebracht. Bravo! Ein wahres Meisterwerk. >:-D

All in all, haters are gonna hate. But for those who enjoy the challenge and potential of the monk class, your voice is appreciated.
"My son, ask for thyself another kingdom,
for that which I leave is too small for thee."

Now you've done it...must...hear....this;

My ears are bleeding.

My eyes are bleeding.

My spirit pal is bleeding.

Going to go meditate on this a while.

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