Another Mouse Macro Topic and Question [Blue Reply PLS]

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Well according to that blue post :

We can get baned for using mouse macros.

And yet again some of SteelSeries mouse have offcial blizzard logos and d3 logos since those are designed specially for d3.
And yet again blizzard themseves promoted those mouse and their macros.
so the simple question - who works in ur Dev team people ?

In one hand you sell mouse with macros, saying how gre8 they are and praising the so huge software customisation option and in the other hand u say you will ban people for using those mose ?

Am i the only one that think from logically point of view this looks quite.. stupid [no offence to anybody its just my observation, to me this situation looks kinda stupid]

Here are some promo pics of the mouse :


So pleaso do explain me why do you make a specially game dedicated mouse with macros when you prohibit people from using the macros in that particular game ?
It have no sense to me [unless you just want to you know, take the money out of us for buying the game and the mouse and then ban us so we will maybe buy yet another game and then again ban us so we byu nex one ? since i have NO logic explanation for everything i stated above except this one]

Wow i never expected this to be so hard question to answer....
blizz are being pretty lazy with bans these days, i wouldnt worry, considering the numbers of botters getting away with murder, you'll be fine with your crappy mouse.

Get a deathadder or go home, sponsored mice tend to be awful.

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