How do you dye your set armor?

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Knowing Blizzard, they'll test a patch for a month, then roll out the patch and say it works, but doesn't. And then they'll drop it, because they said it works. They won't even add it to the Known Bugs List, because that list doesn't exist since it got too long and they have no idea what they fixed (and failed), tried to fix (and failed), and never intended to fix (but still tried and failed).
I still find it absolutely mind-boggling that Blizzard, with all their experience with WoW and how much players absolutely love the cosmetic options in that game (plus being aware that other games with cosmetic options also have extremely high demand for them) could completely drop the ball on this when it comes to the legendaries in D3. Surely they must have known that players with elite gear would NOT appreciate looking like identical twins of each other when they join coop games with another player of their class in the same game!

While I'm grateful for the ability to hide my set/legendary gear (and have done so nearly completely), I look forward to the day I can dress my barb to look like a Barbarian based on the LORE would be expected to look. This means using some of the early-to-mid-game leather and studded armor in purely cosmetic armor slots to enhance his visual appearance, while still gaining the benefits of his end-game set/legendary gear.

Can we ever expect to see something like this?

You're correct. :) Since we knew the process of going back and redoing textures on all the Legendaries to make them dye-compatible would take some time

I was under the impression Blizzard was a rather large company with a lot of resources...

How long could this possibly take?? Its only color adjustments.
They were too busy working on the PS3 and PS4 version of diablo.

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