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I recently purchased an item on ah and flipped it for a nice profit but noticed that the seller seemed to have been cheated out of a chance to sell the item for more. What happened was i saw a ring with high average damage about 58 ( i think?) with , 89 str, 4.5% crit, 24 cd and armor as stats. The ring was not an upgrade for me but at a low starting bid of 100k g i thought it was a bargain and thought i would bid and watch where it sold. After bidding i noticed that I was winning the bid for 100g, but if you searched the item the starting bid was listed as 0, and you could no longer bid on the item. When the auction ended I won the item and relisted it selling it for 7.5 mil after about 12 hrs on first attempt to sell. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this.

edit for correct stats

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