Diablo 2 builds I remember

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Even if builds in D2 werent "as viable" as a hammerdin in pve the majority of players built tons of chars specifically for pvp. Pve only existed to mf for pvp gear at least online. It was constructed so that ppl could establish specific types of dueling games like "melee duels only", "smite duels only" "bvb" and the list goes on and on. The system was made on BM vs GM. Duels could be constructive and follow rules. However they could also be filled with NKing and sorbing and life tapping. If you didnt like it ./gquit or deal with it and "compete to win" against adversity. Change chars, bring in friends, create rage fests and trash talking. Thats what makes competition. Thats what made it fun.

Last note, VT pallys were the best class in the game pve for ubers and pvp. Used an entire multitude of skills and evasiveness and was the most dominant of any character vs other smiters, melee and casters.

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