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I am really conflicted when it comes to using the Auction House. It has all the right tools to helping you purchase an item, but it's missing a lot when it comes to what is deemed sellable, and what sort of markup that item should be sold for. I play a Demon Hunter, not a Barbarian, not a Monk, I know what stats that I would benefit from, but I don't know what stats another class would benefit from because I haven't played them... So when I come across a decent Bow in the game, I can immediately tell whether or not that Bow has a decent value to it. When I come across a 2H Axe, it could be worth a fortune and I wouldn't even realize it.

Is there some sort of up-to-date website which shows whether or not an item has potential sell value? If not, can someone please explain this to me? What sort of stats should I be listing in the Auction House and what sort of stats should I just vendor?
that isnt an easy question to answer as it varies on what slot. also, ppl play the ah flipping game based on your ignorance of the value of the item...so there arent going to be tons of sites (if any) that are going to point you to the answer to your question.

essentially it is a matter of patience and exp. you can use the ah to gauge the value of your item..but are you willing to spend time looking up things you think are worth something only to find that it is worthless. and vice versa.

the market also changes so what is true in value this week may be several time more valuable or less valuable next week..or next patch.
About the only 2 handed worth anything is Skorn or High damage with minus level req. Some staffs sell for enchantress, usually very high vit and/or minus level req.

Very few lvl 60 yellows sell, especially now with the new crafting. I only basically list yellows that have minus level req.

Barbs-STR and VIT
Monk-DEX and VIT
WD and WIZ-INT and VIT
Any armor or pants or helm not with max sockets is usually pointless.

I just list things for 15 to 20% more than vendor value, no buyout, and let the market decide. If I have no bids after 24 hours, I cancel. I list early in the morning so it ends and a decent time for the US 36 hours later.
I have also found that low level yellows, like from normal act 1 up to the butcher, usually roll with ideal stats for the appropriate char and sell well. Not for a lot, but way more than just the vendor.

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