3ishdays no legendaries :(

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500+ hours on two toons +/- paragon 20....

11 Legendaries total.

I have no sympathy for you. None.

Its been 3 whole days!!! Seriously? My last spurt of no legendaries lasted 3 weeks. Before this patch I went 3 months+ at level 60 Inferno skilling act4 on a 25k dps DH and never found a thing.
you say 3 days? Try weeks.. I've gone weeks without legendaries dropping, and i played regularly after work at nights...
You guys are just doing it wrong! I've only played maybe 15 hours from Friday afternoon to tonight and I've found 12 legs I think. All were trash rolls, but still. And I did MP6-7 just doing very basic Act 3 runs for Demonic Essence. Core->Depths 2->Depths 3 repeat.
Don't worry, I have gone for a week without seeing a legendary. And it has been 2 months since I sold any self-found legendary for more than 1m.
That's usual....... last week i got 10 legendaries in 3 days. but this week nothing...just crafting recipes
RNG is RNG. Some days I walk away with nothing but a couple brimstones and a few paragon levels. Other days, I find items that are worthy of the auction house. Every once in a while I even find legendaries in resplendent chests and treasure goblins. I even found this in a chest: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/singularity

Luckily for me, I do find at least one legendary every time I play. Farm act 3 crowded areas with 300 MF and they'll drop eventually.
3 days and you're complaining? I haven't seen a legendary since 1.0.5
Weird. I had collected a handful of legos a few days back and yesterday, I couldn't find any... then I helped someone (power-level) in Normal mp10, and legos dropped like crazy.

Of all the legendary that dropped, it only netted me with brimstone. I sold rare weapon for 20mil on AH though.
I find 2-4 legendaries everyday with average of 1.5 hrs. to 3 hrs. of playtime (though I don't play everyday, specially on work week).

They always drop. Just 10 mins. ago an Andariel's Visage with a measly 156 dex. I'm still hoping to find a Mempo (w/c I did find months ago) and the ever elusive socketed Calamity.

Legendaries drop for me everyday it's a casual thing now.

I just want the 1-2B worth ones:-)
Now tonight was the 1st time I found a 3 socketed Natalya's Embrace (cloak), got it at Act3 MP5 solo. I need to paragon level some more so I could play at MP6-8 solo with capped MF with my other gear with added 80k dps totally unbuffed (no sa, archry, ss) but I will add more resist to elements.

About 40 mins. playtime w/ 5 NV when the Natalya dropped.
try dropping down a notch
Wah, wah, wah, make it rain legendaries every hour on the hour daddy dev.

Look Veruca Salt your dry spell is nothing compared to others. They have you beat by a long shot.
i havent been able to find any legendaries for around 3 days, well i take that back i found a warmonger, a couple days ago but still why cant i find any im playing mp4 on act 3 but i havent been able to find any has anyone else had this problem?
I want to say i have had around 7-10 hours of actual play time now without any legendaries.

To the OP and others in this thread:

You guys have to realize that Magic Find makes a HUGE difference. I was at around 320% MF and had the same bad "luck" as everyone here. Then I upped MP a little, got some more MF gear and I'm sitting at 407%.

At >400% MF, it is raining legendaries. I get 1 legendary/2 VoTA runs, sometimes a few back to back. I must've run the vault at least 50 times over the past few days and the results are relatively consistent. Albeit, the legendaries that I've gotten are not the greatest because itemization is really bad in this game, but you'll find'em if you get that MF up to >400%.
First 2 days after release it was raining legs for me... got a Mempo, Witching Hour, 2 Skorns, 5 Greens and many other browns. For the past few days, almost nothing; been playing exactly the same high speed, high density MP5 runs on A3.
Why do you want legendaries? Brimstones are cheap enough..
I do simple runs of Act 3 of these areas. not necessarily in this order

Arreat Crater Level 2
Fields of Slaughter
Rakkis Crossing
Skycrown Battlements
The Keep Depths Level 2
Tower of the Damned Level 1

It's raining legendaries. Drops 1 every 1-2 runs. Been finding 8+ legendaries a day all week. It's mostly crap, but i found some useful stuff for my characters. I don't use MF items except follower and paragon.
My legendary drops are improving in quality (@MP7 solo), and its frequency has always been normally frequent..:-)
Legendaries aren't fun.
Sets aren't fun.
Running different areas isn't fun.
Open waypoints isn't fun.
Random dungeons aren't fun.
Quest rewards aren't fun.
Skillpoints aren't fun (too much thinking involved).

Magic wands with str and dex = fun.
D3 = fun.



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