Be honest - how much of the criticism of this game

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..can be attributed to the fact that in D3 we can see what others are using - get jealous - and moan and whinge about our own drops.

Methinks a LOT.

i think you need to get more elite kills.
HAHA yes I agree... but that's beside the point...
That would depend on the player.. some folks have bigger !@#$% envy than other folks. Some people see a better item on another player and see it as incentive to work for that. Other people see a better item on somebody and cry because they don't have one. They want Blizzard to either give them one, or take it away from the other guy to make the game 'fair' or 'competitive'.

I think much of the critisism of this game comes from people who have fond memories of playing D2 and think that this game was going to recreate all those feelings. They hunted for items in D2 for a decade, then played the D3 beta for a year, and were surprised when they got 'bored'... it must have been because the game is broken. Not that they're just tired of the genre and need to go play something else for a change.
Probably some.

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