Fastest XP/HR Build for 2h Barb

Just wondering what people here have found is the most efficient xp/hr 2h build for barbs?
Try out this build:!Zfh!ZYZbcZ

- Try buy an IK belt with -5 fury cost (100k gold)

How to play:

1, Hook & charge: position yourself, use Harpoon to pull them toward you, follow by Charge. both spell give fury and have almost zero cool down.

2, Sprint to next pack, repeat Hook & Charge.

if you have IK set, you can change warcry to Rend.
This build is pretty cool:

It's basically WW/rend on high MP doing Keeps 2 runs while skipping elites. You want to do it on the highest MP at which you can consistently kill trash in a single rend. Rend is boosted by the following:

- a high base crit chance + killing spree + wotb for a high chance of a crit rend
- casting rend from within a crowd so brawler is active
- a high damage skorn with high strength, if you skip elites lifesteal on the weapon is unnecessary

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