Official Petition 2 make Haunt/Rend Dodgeable

some things to keep in mind is that dex actually provides much much greater dmg reduction in the mid range than any other primary state vs normal attacks. additionally it is much easier for a dex class to add armor and all res than it is for non dex to add dodge.. for example a dh can add a shield and get a reliable 30% boost to armor from one slot (not even using up an afix), where as for example wizard can only gain 1-3% dodge for each affix that they dedicate to adding dex for its dodge.

also consider that dots already have several inherent weakens compared to non dots in that they do their dmg spread out over a long period of time, which allows for a player hit by a dot to continue doing dmg themselves instead of being instantly dead, or allowing them time to activate a defensive cooldown. and that they, for the most part, cannot be spammed as they do not stack

If dodge wasnt inherently such a overpowered stats to begin with in pvp you would not be seeing this requirement to use dots as the only means to fight a dex class.

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