WD Use Shield?

So, lvling my WD did the Butcher solo in hell this morning...felt pretty good going into the battle..I had a 5 stack on Soul Harvest...so figure my dps is way up there...

Hit the battle...ended up hitting 2 healing wells and even hit one potion...life got down to between 1/2-1/4 fire burning all around...

Didn't hit spirit walk because I didn't know how effective it would be in a closed environment...probably the toughest battle so far...except for when my mouse cursor icon disappeared (did it again last night in diablo battle, last battle sequence) good thing everyone else was able to finish the kill.

So, do you (WD) carry a shield for Boss Battles?

Thanks for all the help so far...
02/15/2013 08:49 AMPosted by Romad
Hit the battle...ended up hitting 2 healing wells and even hit one potion...life got down to between 1/2-1/4 fire burning all around...

That's how boss battles should be. We've gotten way spoiled and now our expectations are pathetic. (Truly a we...not trynna be all high horse)

To answer your question, while leveling, I carry a shield at all times. I usually can't find a good enough off-hand to make it worthwhile. I also don't use SH, so I would guess your dps with it is sufficient. Your offhand doesn't look that good. Most of it is replaceable except for the mana regen, so if you think mana regen is more important than whatever armor a shield may provide, that will probably help your decision.
Except for my mp10 self found leveling characters, i do not use shields. Never have since 1.04 when dogs were fixed (scaling). So, yeah... those are my thoughts.
I used shield and level reduce weap
I guess it all depends on how twinky you are... I usually have over 30k health by the time I get to hell, with a solid reduced level one hander. Butcher is probably the only difficult boss besides Act 4 keywarden (although I heard he's been stealth nerfed), just because you have to have situational awareness.

WD's kit is so easy to get out of bad situations, never felt a shield was remotely necessary.
I don't use a shield with a WD. SV is my shield. Were you doing that boss fight on MP0?
If I were you I would be using blood ritual instead of gruesome feast for what its worth
I use a shield vs bosses.
I have decided that protection at this point is probably the better option over "valor" (especially since 60 is close and gear I need is at that lvl at reasonable prices)...especially during boss fights...I do it on all my other toons so I will start shopping for a shield...or I could farm with my monk, but I'm really enjoying playing WD since I have never played one before.

Seems every time I get 1mil in gold...I'm continually upgrading...done this for each of my toons...my stash is full of good lower level equipment, having a hard time parting with them...10 auction slots full...guess I will lower prices to move the equip faster
I used a shield a long time ago but when I wanted to up my DPS I had to switch to an offhand.
never use them dps from mojo to good for me to give up.
I'm using a shield consistently and still have pretty good DPS.
Loved shields for leveling, I even found upgrades from white shields that dropped because of the way block value works.

Once you get to 60, you can get 7% reduced damage from elites on your shield, which makes you noticeably tankier.

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