Lifesteal/LoH With Arcon Wizard

I was just wondering how important these two attributes really are for my Archon build. Right now with no sustain, I'm farming MP3 and MP4 with ease. But some players have suggested that I can start farming at MP5 if I just had some form of sustain.

After checking some prices for the past few days, buying a Skorn with lifesteal seems above my price range of 20 mil. Any lifesteal weapons within my budget cause me to lose 15k dps or more, which I'm not willing to sacrifice. I've been looking at some Skorns with high LoH, however, and they only run around 10 to 15 mil.

Should I spend most of my money for 900 to 1200 life on hit? How much of a difference would this make compared to no sustain? Because profiles have been acting bugged on the website lately, here's my DPS info:

137k unbuffed/167k buffed
34k health
550+ AR unbuffed
3700 armor unbuffed
40% crit chance
411% crit dmg
I don't think LOH works while in archon form, gotta go with lifesteal for that.
LoH is terrible for Archon. The spell coefficient is 0.1 and you only get 3xAPS LoH procs per second, roughly. For pretty much any DPS you can farm inferno with LS >> LoH for Archon.

Personally I'd recommend a 1h+OH to a skorn. You don't get as much Life Steal but you shouldn't need as much because you'll have higher dps so you can kill stuff faster. You can also use BM to get as much as 4.5% LS if needed. I run 4.4% and it's great. Some just run with 1.5% from BM at high dps and high damage resistance. You can also get more dps out of 1h+OH, just go for black weapon+triumvirate. If you already have a 1h+OH then ignore that part, but your profile isn't showing.
Not sure I agree with the above statement. I have around 800 loh and with blood magic I have no problems playing mp6. I can usually just stand in archon form and tank unless i get double stacked with multiple pools of poison and fire.

I have a ring with 350 loh that i have tried to switch out and i can tell a huge difference with 350 less loh. On the other side i have an ammy i crafted with 950 loh and when i equip it i have 1750 loh. I lose dps with this ammy but mitigation is absurd. I usually switch to it when fighting azmo or any other bad rolled elite. I can usually just stand next to them and hold down archon beam with out my life depleting. Same with standing in multiple pools of stuff. Hope to roll another loh ammy with some cc and cd.

Sadly i think the answer to your question is that it just depends on your mitigation. Lifesteal and loh arent going to do much if your mitigation is low and you are taking 6k per hit.
Here's the math behind it:

100k char sheet dps buffed
Teleport Rune

Effective dps = 300k with beam
1% life steal means you gain 0.2% life per damage done in Inferno
300k DPS => 600 Life returned per second.

LoH returns = 6 tics per second*0.1 Life per LoH tic = 0.6 Life per LoH per second
To return 600 Life per second you need 1000 LoH

Thus, 1000 LoH = 1% Life Steal at 100k dps. At higher DPS the results favor LS even more. Using the improved Archon rune favors LS even more. Higher APS makes LoH a bit more useful but even at 3 APS 1% LS would be the same as about 667 LoH.
Best way is to have both, LoH is horrible with archon but works well with ww/ll for resetting archon.
Seems I am seeing returns a lot higher than what you stated above. Maybe it is from hititng multiple enemies at once. I guess I can turn off blood magic to check for sure. If I have time tomorrow I will check, but to me I cant see why your math would appear incorrect.

It may be just me but archon seems to be acting differently after the patch. I notice more tics per second. I see the usuall large tics but then I see several small dps tics as well. And I also notice that my beam seems to proc CM. I know this was stated in the patch that the beam would proc teleport and slow time while in archon, but I have noticed it procs my other spells as well. Specifically I have noticed archon itself comes up more quickly now when I am crit'ing with the beam.

Anyone else notice this or is this how it has always been. I have always played low MP levels until this patch so it may be something that is not new.
It's always been that way for me, proccing CM to reduce the blast CD. The Archon duration was always reduced also, but I never paid much attention to that because I ran low MP so rarely had to refresh Archon.

As for LoH, those calcs are based on the previously deduced LoH returns. There's no guarantee they haven't changed since then but seeing how Blizz has reported all the other proc rate changes, I don't see why they would have changed the Archon one without letting us know.

I'll be interested to hear how your test goes without LS and just with LoH.
unless your physical resistance is in the 1.4k (83% mitigation against rd) in archon mode, you will need more than blood magic against rd mobs. still, having ls weapon is a must. even with high dps, enemies will get close to you no matter what; phasebeasts/vortex/knockbacks/teleport/.
Well that didnt take long to check. Removed blood magic and saw my 4000+ life returns drop to 700-900 even with 1750 LOH. LS>LOH at higher dps without a doubt. Lower dps builds might find LOH>LS but then again you would probably only be doing lower mp levels anyways.

Bought a 2.9 LS chants to test. Pretty fun with 2.9 LS and 1750 LOH. Think I will call it my Drunchon set. :-)
i don't see archon happening in mp5 with your dps
^^^ Thats because the majority of people that play archon stack DPS with out mitigation. Or there only source of mitigation is LS. I have 4700+ armor and 800 AR without buffs. It works very well for me.

My profile maybe misleading since I have been swapping gear. So I am not sure what dps you are referring to. With buffs I usually sit around 180k. Sure it is not over 200k, but imho mitigation can make up for the difference. Elites usually take under a minute to kill. Some may consider this took long, but with the exp buff at higher mp levels I am fine with it.
1.07 with the new reflect mechanics made me drop LS on my weapon. I now farm MP 5 just based on Blood Magic. It's doable, but you still can't skimp too much on defence either.

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