AH & crafting now complementing each other, not fightin

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Before this patch, the auction house was an evil entity ruling over Diablo 3. You were forced to use it to bring out the best in your hero because of how rare higher end gear was. Since you had no choice on where to get your gear, people could charge whatever they would like.

Because of the patch it now feels like both are complementary rather than trying to overpowering each other. Crafting is a great option for some slots and the AH is a good route for others. Less gold is being generated because of things being salvaged, other items on the AH will also drop in price because of the market.

Better upgrades now seem in reach and no longer require hundreds of hours to find/buy. Gold is no longer THE resource but one of many. I wouldn't say this patch was for the causal but more so adding to the carrot on the stick concept which Diablo 3 needed.

This is just, like, how I feel.

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