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Farming is for the Weak. Come face me
Hey Viri, good duels the other day, let's do a formal first to 10 next time!
Also, I'm curious how you would do against Tbone (barb) and Rice (monk) if you haven't played them before.

Dueled him for around 45 min to 1 hr or so one time. Score ended up something like 19-15 in my favor. He refused to switch to another spec that wasn't EP + run so I just did the same. It's horribly boring and purely luck based.

3/10 would not duel again.
I honestly dont remember the last time we dueled Rice, over a month a go? . Lets update this
You should try Druin too, he's good.
Me n Druin Duel! Both agree were the best monk weve dueled! ^^
Have you ever dueled mafia? He is an insane monk
Yes i have, from my experience Mafia comes 2nd to Druin as a 1v1 competitor (Druin plays dashing bell, mafia plays TR EP), but its definitely us 3 at the top!

Mafia i will get your wep one day!!! (Druin wants it too!)
Rice quit Brawling.. too bad

I think I have the most fun dueling Viri when it comes to monk v monk. I feel we are evenly matched in both skill and gear and we have different playstyles so it's not as boring as some matchups.

Mafia is probably the "strongest" monk out there. His gear is perfect and his playstyle is impeccably executed. I don't personally like playing against TR EP SSS because I feel like it totally negates my decision making when literally every attack is a 1 shot. Makes it more of a "does it crit? YOU WIN!" type matchup.

P.S. You can have Mafia's wep if I get to have Anger Gore! <3 :D
Druin if we played Mafias spec and learned it well then the duels would simply become even through heavy RNG based on if EP crits. It seems like his spec counters non-TR EP pretty hard (the reason being obvious -movement speed -, this is what i dueled him last with - i have veered away from this spec almost completely vs non-noob monks) I have yet to try DS-bell or TR-EP vs mafia - only dueled him once really
I go pretty even with him. We haven't dueled nearly enough to get a really good read on it.

He tries to SSS 1 shot me, I try to avoid it.

If I avoid it, I DS in we both blind, if either lands the blind (I have the advantage here due to DS) that guy has a chance to land a 1hit kill with either bell or EP.

If neither land blind, I attempt to Bell while he attempts to EP, we both seren out and "reset" I DS dodge his ep's while we wait on seren.

I can try to SSS kill him but TR + perfect gear makes it REALLY hard so I usually save SSS for other uses.

Because my eHP means nothing, I really should equip super hiah IAS gear and tons of DPS so my SSS is strong like his and see if IAS can combat TR ... but I don't want to buy a whole new set to fight one guy! :D
Hopefully if hes on and down to duel i can try my other specs. Im going to be getting a new mouse tomorrow, my old one is kaput.
Viri, curious if you have played against any wizards yet who you thought were a decent challenge. Maybe not necessarily one who would come that close to even but one who you thought would be competitive against you if the class was stronger.

This is just for curiosity's sake, I don't actually play wizard.
You obviously have no idea what happened in those circumstances. The only person doing the crying was the barb lol, only person in d3 history who complains about a running monk means he doesnt know his class. He got off way too much to the fact that he fluke killed me only once i decided to be nice and stand still for his trollness. (He literaly wasnt moving from the center of map - which under normal dueling circumstances could never win) Who leaves a game and champions themselves after such an occurrence? Only a true Troll.

To this day he wont duel me to back his !@#$ up. Biggest Joke ever lol
No the thing is i wasnt using TR and never do. TR is never a part of my build. He was just a troll spec with no movement speed asking me not to run basically.
Melee vs Melee (monk and barb included) is never typically standing still , if you brawled at all you would know this,. What you're thinking of is a bridge duel and they are generally reserved for Barbarians (B v B) under previous agreement ofc.

Of course he got the kill, im not saying he didnt. Its just his attitude after the circumstances that defines his trollness.

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