Blue-only Brawling Tournament

Trying to gauge interest. You'd be able to only equip blue or below gear, possibly with an ilvl cap. This would effectively kill the ridiculous multiplicative scaling that occurs with extremely high-end gear, while simultaneously increasing the dependence of skill over gear.

Why blue and not white? You can't do a whole lot of customization without the choices that blue gear provides.
any one who has been collecting bis blue gear from the ah for the past months is gonna have an even greater gearing advantage than the best geared normal gear today. but im down
seems like an interesting idea...bliz still needs to add rewards though
I agree on this. Those gears overshadows a character's skills
Count me in. Add me in game?
so will there be an ilvl cap or not. its hard for people to prep for something like this when you cant make up your mind on the rules
02/16/2013 07:45 AMPosted by between
so will there be an ilvl cap or not. its hard for people to prep for something like this when you cant make up your mind on the rules

This is just to check interest in something like this, I don't have time this weekend to run one, unfortunately. However, that doesn't mean that somebody else couldn't! I think restricting it to blue items would be enough without restricting ilvl as well. I'll try to run one next weekend.
White gear, that's where the answer is :)
02/16/2013 02:44 PMPosted by Cheshire
White gear, that's where the answer is :)
Builds that require, for example, extra CC to be viable wouldn't really work with white gear. Besides that, you can craft blue gear relatively cheaply so that spamming it to get certain affixes doesn't end up being very expensive.
no icap any blue gear goes
02/16/2013 04:09 PMPosted by ChuckNorris
no icap any blue gear goes

That's what I'm thinking. Blue gear tops out at a pretty reasonable place.
sweet, time to get some bis blue gear :D
How about no gear. One wepon, no armor. The weapon is white (normal) and is only their to make your skills work. Some weapons will add durability or damage. I suggest the weapon come from the person running the event. That person would have a collection of sword, fist weapon, wand, bow and daggar all normal with about the same amount of damage. If you are ephisizing skill over gear, that might be the way to do it. Fair enough? Also, they bring in 1 healing potion one level below what they can obtain. When you drink a potion, it does not lower your count of potions. Summoned creatures can only be summoned in the brawl area, not before (so the cool down is fresh).
Just checked the AH for normal weapons. It seems like no one puts higher than lvl 15 normal items on the AH. That may even be OK for my suggestion above for lvl 60 characters because the weapons do not get damaged. Of course, you could play the game a little and not leave all the white items on the ground (like I do).
pvp is not only about the skill it takes to kill another person, but also the ability to gear your character. if you're looking for a game that involves no gear and is just people using different skills to kill each other go play COD. the essence of role playing games is obtaining gear for your character, and then using that gear combined with your skills to defeat your opponent. pvp in diablo is not exactly fair in this aspect because the scaling of end game gear, a person with 1 bil worth of gear will stomp a person with 1 mil worth of gear just because of this scaling. bringing in gear restrictions like said "blue only" pvp levels the playing field substantially where as gear is not instantly the deciding factor of a fight BUT IT STILL gives the player the option to chose how they gear to the style they wish to fight.

blue only pvp gives players a better chance to win with skill over gear, but stays true to the essence of role playing games.

if you take away all gear besides a weapon, then the fights would be completely boring and unoriginal.

that's my stance on the subject. :|

on that note ive been farming all night for blue bis gear, it has given me motivation to go out and play the game instead of playing the ah 90% of my online time.

question for the OP... would said competition be only limited to pl0 players? if so i better start working on some alts :s

question for the OP... would said competition be only limited to pl0 players? if so i better start working on some alts :s

The benefits of PL100 (maximum possible ofc) are +300 main stat, +200 vitality and +100 all other stats. That's effectively an extra godly item if its against a PL0 player. I don't want to say yes, but I don't want to say no either. I think we'd have to see how it all plays out and make adjustments for the future.

What about format? 1v1 double elimination? 1v1v1 single elimination? other options? I'm hesitant to suggest team play because of the amount of aoe damage that would splash onto your teammates, but it would actually be a pretty interesting thing to have to coordinate when you use your AoEs like that.
1)Blue items
2)Level 60 with Plvl 0
3)Max cap on gem level (flawless square etc)

There is a huge difference between a Plvl 100 and a Plvl 0 on blue gear.
Creating 5 alts for each class probably takes 80-100 hours in total and you can choose to duel with which ever character you wish to, without going through the hassle of grinding for plvl.

Less grind, more dueling.
Eventually, yes, !@#$%riot. However, for an initial one i dont think we could expect people to level new characters to 60 in a few weeks.
While I agree with "between" fundamentally, control for the tournement can be a little tricky. After all, one hit death tournements may be no fun as well. I do not want to complicate things but it sounds like there are a lot of things to consider when having a tournament like this. Player lvl (and paragon lvl), type of weapons, types of armor, classes, gems, legondary. You do not want to drop a level 30 character in front of Diablo in Inferno reguardless of build. Perhaps there could be a series of tournaments based on things like lvl, classes, armor vs no armor, blue vs legandary. Lvl 60 might be in a few classes, such as paragon 0-10, 11-20, 21-30 and so on. Maybe you don't bring gear at all and let the mediator of the event have options. One of the main premises proposed by the originator of the "blue only" tournement is that the gear be modest. I beleive what this person is suggesting is a more level playing field, but I could be mis-enterperating "Atlanis"'s intentions.
I guess what I am suggesting may be so complicated, only Blizzard could run it (program it). Similar to joining public games, you can only join if a game exists at your current act. Maybe they program a series of arenas. Have one where it is anything goes (lvl60par100 and everyone else). Others where it is blue only. Others only one class (say only DH or Only Barb). Maybe have some where you bring no gear (equiped or in your pack) and the Brawler guy would have a selection of gear. This gear would auto equip when you arrive in the burnt out church and disapper when you go throught the portal back to town. The programmers will probably be best at bringing balance to brawling like I think "Atlanis" is suggesting. Many times when players try to agree on rules, there will be a few that will want to "job the system" to gain atvantage and don't care if they are cheating.

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