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I really like the waller affix...when it works. Indoors waller is a pain to deal with, especially if you are ranged. Melee classes have this ability to fight through walls but ranged characters have almost no hope to hit their targets when behind a wall.

When waller is placed in its U shape it is optimal for gameplay, creating many situations that are interesting. Sometimes it spawns sort in a Z shape which is good. Just about everything it does outside works great, and can be very fun.

When waller spawns near a solid object, like a wall or statue, it spawns as an unusual shape. Not like when it is placed outside away from solid objects.

When waller is used indoors it naturally creates many situations where escape is impossible , because of almost always being near a solid object. Sometimes it "jails" the player without that bug (which still exists in 1.0.7). Often when it spawns strangely there can be no escape so death is the only option for players wanting to escape the walls.

Therefore, I think blizzard needs to fix waller overall. It needs to spawn better when it is next to solid objects. Indoor it may need to be smaller to prevent too many impossible situations.

TLDR: Waller needs a some redesign especially indoors to make it a challenge for players not an advantage for monsters.

Stop crying for more nerfs you ridiculous noob!!

Im ranged and waller is fine.. you can run from waller into open ground where there are escape routes. the only thing worth mentioning is vortex but every class has an escape spell so it can be handled.

there is no need for this nerf. calm down.
I like Waller it provides a challenge.
02/19/2013 08:41 PMPosted by ellisD
Waller functions fine, it just needs a slightly longer cooldown. Gets really spammy occasionally.

horde? but thats what makes it fun.

For Rare elite groups, only the Rare monster has the waller affix o.o So horde doesn't affect it at all. Waller on Rare elites is perfect, it's just with Champions that it gets a little spammy.
only problem with waller is when the wall spawns directly on you - you still do get stuck in the wall and can't move, I assume that is a bug (as it was supposed to be fixed several hotfixes ago), other than that. all the affixes are fine.... tho the nerf to reflect damage is stupid!
Waller is what it is, If you dont like walls go around or wait for them to dissipate.

For myself, I don't mind the affix. The only thing about the walls they create that annoy me is how they magically impede some spells that they have no business blocking.

If I chuck a grenade into the air over a wall, it does what? It goes over it, right? Not in D3! I chuck a grenade over a wall and it... bounces back? Insert any attack that you "throw" (i.e. Firebomb, Grenades of any kind, etc) and it's the same thing.

Meanwhile, Haunt can be cast through the wall, but Grasp cannot. Inconsistencies abound with this affix. But by and large, not being able to throw something over the wall is just asinine.

That said, I don't mind the affix. I have no troubles with it. The only annoyance I get with it is attacks that have "air time" are somehow blocked from flying over them. Just makes no sense.
Waller is perfectly fine most of the time.

If you get walled in while on a stairway...you're screwed. Unless you're lucky and the wall breaks for a split second so you can escape.

My HC level 60 DH was not so lucky: she got stuck in the wall for 45 seconds unable to move or kill the mobs. Eventually, with no discipline left, she died.
Man, I bet if you were a wiz you could just teleport right thro.....oh god damnit
Waller is not fun nor challenging, it's utterly random.

An adjustment to the AI to make it a tool in the hands of the enemy instead of a random spam that at times the enemies use against themselves would be a great addition.

Here we go again... Brace yourselves more nerfs are coming.

Here we go again... Brace yourselves more nerfs are coming.
Why do you all assume this is asking for a nerf and not a buff?
How can an elite Mortar over the wall.But not acid rain and other skills coming from the sky cannot. That is just dumb.
spectral blade works through walls if your playing a wizzzz
I am curious about which character of the OP is having trouble... His Wizard who doesn't use teleport, or his demonhunter who doesn't use vault.

You can't just ignore the obvious solutions to your problems because you don't want to dedicate a slot to having a more viable build.
So no one ever got trapped between walls before? Like so trapped that u CANT vault away?

I really think waller need a better fix too. Multiple walls should not be able to cast OVER you and make you unmovable
02/20/2013 02:03 AMPosted by Doherty
How can an elite Mortar over the wall.But not acid rain and other skills coming from the sky cannot. That is just dumb.

Lol this was quite funny while using cluster bombs as well. The guy gets to mortar me over it, but i can't mortar him back =(! I don't really mind wallers, but the mechanics are sometimes a bit obnoxious for ranged classes. Not that i mind it, though, but this kind of details should definitely be checked. That and walls spawning right on top of you disabling your movement.
02/20/2013 08:08 AMPosted by Henryik
So no one ever got trapped between walls before? Like so trapped that u CANT vault away?

picturing you mashing the keyboard in utter panic for the 2 seconds a wall lasts for makes me smile.

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