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I bought 600m gold from AH by credit card yesterday, but I am still not receieve it.
Got the same problem, help pls. Thanks
sold 4 Items in Rmah Jan 31st. Still no payment. help please. thanks
You need to send a ticket to blizzard and be nice when your asking for help. ive had same problem and all they said is wait.. so sad...
I alredy submited a ticket and I am waiting for the reply...
they replied me that told me to wait....
Hi, buddy, do u solve your problem? they replied my ticket, told me to wait and I still have this problem.
same problem bought 20m gold twice its been over 24hours still no gold
would like to see a blue post on this considering normally when i buy gold its there with in an hour or two
Same problem just started playing again so I bought 14m gold yesterday morning to clear out my Bnet ballance and still no gold 24 hrs later. Good gear is so cheep now sadens me not to be able to buy it...
I've bougth 1,8kkk yesteday, it processed and i didnt received the gold yet. Its was deduced to my credit card this morning, but its not appearing to me yet!

Ive opened a ticket and they told me to wait more 48h... common! My item will be sold before it!
After two day's waiting, finally I receieve the gold. PS: I think they give me a $10 discount for the dealy delivery.

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