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i'm having same problem.
same problem here. also while trying to buy large quantities of gems and tomes of secrets. got the gems but now i can't get the tomes, error 31048, failed to bid.
I got this for full 3 days now. Only reaction from blizz was that ah was down and i should wait abit since ah may be overloaded after it has gone up again but its 3 days now that ah is up again and still not working, how long am i supposed to wait? (I'm playing on european server) I#m losing lots of gold through this (recipe prices going lower each hour i got millions of those and rest of my items also not gonna become worth more over time....)
I can't buy or sell anything
blizz not fix it yet?? blizz sure works slow.. can buy or sell anything :(

need to buy material and some gold for crafting so bad :(
Same problem.. dang it.
Problem fixed for me on its own here. (prolly fixed on their end imo)
Same problem ...
im having same problem since patch it seems except sometimes it will work someties it wont. most time it wont. then someone mentioned deleted cache tried it and nothing. then someone mentioned cancelling an item from ah that your selling. tried it and it seemd to fix the problem temporarely could buy few things and place few for sale then i would get the error again error 31048 sometimes error 0. im getting really frustrated with this it keeps saying i have 50 items in completed tab it even shows number up top of completed tab but i dont i only have like 10. when i send something to stash the number will drop from 50 to 10. but still get error when trying to purchase or sale any items. PLEASE FIX AH ERROR 31048
I have tried everything heard a couple random suggestions have gone as far as to uninstalled and re installed and still have the same problem i have found no answer to this issue, blizzard?
i'm experiencing the same issue... 31048 while trying to buy out, and error 0 while trying to sell... for a while it keeps thinking im over the limit 53/50, and even if i try to send stuff to the stash, it keeps saying 53/50 i guess thats the trigger for this bug
Still happening, just gave me the same error. I haven't had any problems since the patch, until now. I had 28 items in the completed tab, and 8 at auction. I have made several, well over the limit of 50, transactions for gem crafting, and it has only now given me the error. Since then, I have cleared out my completed tab, canceled a single auction, failed to repost that auction (error 31048), and fail to be able to buy anything new. Hope you're looking into Blizz, looking forward to a fix, as I'm sure we all are
Cant buy anything on ah.
Cant Sell Anything in ah.
Cant see profile on site.
Can they give my money back?
same problem error 0 when putting anything up for bid. C'mon bliz.
Im having the same problem too, I think its the security redoo update they just did, ya think they would have tested it before putting it out there, I really cant play, too much items to get rid of!!!!!!
Same problem here but only with the ARS auction house, USD and GOLD work fine.
Same problem here...
Random question for people experiencing you also have an expired auction that you did not win in your auction listings? I do, and I wonder if this is a common issue for all of us that get these errors.
me too, try to empy stash in AH ... still same error for bid and sell

please fix ...

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