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I really like your chest :) Godly wand as well

meh chest is pretty normal and ur wand is better than mine i find my host more special or even the tricross, even though it has low cd.

@void 7.5/10 nice gear just need to push that dps but i do like ur gloves a ton.

8.5/10 Really nice crafted gloves there! ;-)
02/20/2013 09:59 AMPosted by Void
is sc+nonapoc chant force better?

Well.... best is crit mempo and APOC force, but thats a massive price difference.
02/20/2013 09:51 AMPosted by EigenVector
15/10 ... Best hardcore gear I have seen in a while. Why you play so much hardcore?

b/c he is hardcore himself.
amazing, everything looks good. maybe replace gloves and amulet with crafts, but probably not worth the hassle.

please rate me, my wizard gears are all loots (wont sell on the AH) and crafts.
I would rate your Wiz Nicole a 5/10.

Looks like you are running a blizz/hydra kiting build. Pretty good DPS and lots of INTEL. Good crit chance and attack speed. You rolled a nice amulet.

You are missing alot of All Res and that is the biggest reason for a lower score. You have alot of Life % and Vit, but that would be better served with All Res on shoulders, bracers, and gloves.

Good luck!
@theoldred 7.5/10 Pretty good stuff.
noObsaibot- I would say get a little more vitality or percent life, I noticed you only have 29.8K life, but hey, if you can roll with it, you are a better man than me! Maybe you could get a little more resist all as well, but again, like the vitality, if you can pull it off, why spend all the gold if you dont need it. I will give you 9/10 for being tuff.

Before you say I suck for running Hydra/Blizz, I have not had to kite anything for a very long time! My wrist hurts as it is, I dont think I could take CMWW for very long.
@hub I think you can upgrade your weapon and source... I also noticed your crit chance was kind of low, but you can fix that with your source.
@Nianque Put some nice gems on

BTW: couldn't find ur wiz at first glance...
02/20/2013 03:33 PMPosted by Nianque
@hub I think you can upgrade your weapon and source... I also noticed your crit chance was kind of low, but you can fix that with your source.

10/10 in my book. Some of those items I could never afford. I noticed you only have 9 APoC though?

Other players tell me my IAS is too low, but I hit 2.02 aps with Slow Time.

6.25 / 10

I was at a similar place to you around paragon 27. Bascially I would start upgrading to BiS items.

I'd start with inna's temperance pants (probably something with int and vit). You should be able to find something for around 20M.

Then I'd go Zuni Pox with CC on it, 4.5% will cost you about 50-75M depending on what stats you're looking for, and will give you a solid boost to all resistance in the process.

For BoA items, shoulders would probably be most beneficial to you, since your vile wards are kinda... meh anyway.

I feel like that would be a good starting point for you. It's a work in progress, but you're getting there!


That's a really interesting spec you got going on there. Unique, as far as I've seen that is. I'm curious how that would actually play. You seem to be low-ish on ehp but I imagine your build calls for a lot of outright damage avoidance (teleport, mirror image, dodge) and you've got Unstable Anomaly as a get out of jail free card. Overall, quite innovative. Maybe it should be an 8.5 for creativity.

Oh, and nice craft on the bracers - not perfect but still impressive for RNG.


Giving it a few moments thought... I'm guessing that's a PvP build you have going on there. Same rating applies; it's just not as unusual in that light. I'm wondering though, since your build relies a lot on avoidance, would you not be better off with fire-and-forget skills (or at least one) rather than two channeling abilities? Magic Missile - Seeker seems a good fit. Maybe even Arcane Orb.



Your about as close to perfect as you can be for your build without actually being perfect, of course there is the obvious upgrade gems to marquise, but that's over half a bill for minimal upgrade.

Overall great job!!!

In general nice gear. However, with inna pants I think there might be a problem with ur LOH and EHP at high mps.

I would rate ur wiz at 7/10.

your gear is amazing, i will put 10/10 for you!
What should I change first from my gear?


like me you are like 2/10 or 3/10

Hard to rate you I don't know what build you are shooting for but you have options. Nice PL too.

Hard to rate you I don't know what build you are shooting for but you have options. Nice PL too.

seen this build in action, along with your gear is very well rounded 8/10.

Daaaaamn dude. That's a great Wiz you have there. And you have kick !@# DPS and you're not a CM Wiz! Extra points for that. :) 9.8/10.

Whoever gets stuck looking at mine, go easy on me. I don't have a lot of money (rl, or in game) and can't play all the time. I have a weird, out-of-the box build that's hilariously fun to play, and is great for support in group play.

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