suggestion for crafting and boa to make everyone happy.

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I think the introduction of the new plans was good except for 1 part. They should not have guaranteed the main stat roll and make it boa right off the bat. . To make both sides happy, they should make the item you craft non account bound just like all other crafting before. This way people can sell it if they choose. If you want the "guarantee roll" you can have your JC or BS "upgrade" it, but then it becomes account bound.
I'm not sure what hurts more... people responding to my thread telling me worst idea ever or make fun of me at how I can’t flip on the AH anymore or some other random stuff that makes no sense....

Or just not responding at all....

i'm going to "lift" actual weights now... hoping to see at least 1 response when i get back.
.then what would be the difference between the new plans and the exalted grand plans that are available now? other than the base item stats, which don't matter a ton anyway.
also why is lift in parentheses? are you pretending to lift?
02/20/2013 03:22 PMPosted by TheStampede
.then what would be the difference between the new plans and the exalted grand plans that are available now?

ilvl 63 rolls, which alone would have made crafting competitive again without making it far too powerful, and orders of magnitude more efficient than dropped loot.

I like your idea as a compromise, though boa is still kind of meh. But it would at least allow people the choice. Roll the dice, hope you can trade, and maybe get some good upgrades for yourself vs. fast track your upgrades, but at higher cost now and down the road.

Much better than what we have now.
diablo gods bless both stampede and recluce. lol may the green and orange drop and roll some godly stats the next time you play. :)

to recluce points.... there is no 63 plan prior to the patch and there was no plans for amulets and bracers and shoulders to my knowledge.

regarding the "lift", i been seeing people put that in forums after a trolling post.... not really sure what it means. i'm assuming it's kind of like sips coffee???

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