i so love my monk & the 2 new crafts i got !

yea go ahead and look ,

( gloves & amulet GODS was good to me )

... took maybe 30-50 pair each before i got this tho :)

420,000 MAX buffed out now :)

get on my level .. OMG cant wait for a trifecta Hellfire !

wow those gloves
i know right , i almost fainted when those finally got spit out !

thanks :) /iwave!
Godly Glove, awesome!
not sure you have enough armor yet XD

grats on the craftings tho :)


how much unbuffed?
02/21/2013 06:25 AMPosted by Envii
how much unbuffed?

Looks like ~168k unbuffed.
Wow sick rolls congrats my friend.


I think little brothers of your gloves found itself onto my profile =)
wow those gloves. congratz.
havn't crafted anything usefull, now down 30mil.
ok double or nothing.
insane! can i buy them from you? heehee
Those gloves are siiiick!

My 5th pair of gloves crafted proved to be a 6k dmg increase just need my attack speed back...I miss it ;_; The 3rd set of Bracers I made also upgraded me in every department.

Finding Demonic essence is the only challenge.
those gloves are so sexy
02/21/2013 10:36 AMPosted by Saffron
Finding Demonic essence is the only challenge.

they're like legendaries! i get excited when i actually see one drop
I really hate people that come here with their awsome, super, sexy, godly crafted item! It just make me feel like worlds unluckiest guy :(. I made over 200 Amulets and didn't really get a upgrade but man your gloves is really nice its just like the one I want :)

Grats!.....your gloves gave me hope to make some nice gloves :D
yes , currently 168,000 paper DPS no buffs.

armor imo helps more then RES/VIT to me , i love armor !


anyway to get life steal without it being on my weapons ?
BIG Congratulations.

Those Gloves are super Godly.

Don't try to craft anymore Gloves... anytime soon.. Would be SOOO hard to beat them. Now you can concentrate your Demonics on other Crafts. ^_^

Also nice Amulet, Grats again~


You make me wanna craft gloves now.
(I jsut did my shoulders, stoked!!! Hardly crafted many - less than 10, feelsgoodman)

anyway to get life steal without it being on my weapons ?

nope, only on weapons.
I hate all you guys crafting GG gears.

Crafted so. much. crap.

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