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Anyone getting an error that states Diablo III is experiencing temporary outage and can't login? Its Error 73 BTW.
I got same error

glad im not the only one but I dont know what it means
^ ditto, error began when in the ah logged out to attempt to fix cannot get past authenticating
same for me, couldn't authenticate error 3006, now its error 73
I was breaking down 5 shoulders I just crafted and my game crashed right as i salvaged the 5th one
same error and I cannot log back in
yes just now wtf ! couldnt pick up my damn legendary ......... zunis boots
Same here was playing and servers dropped.

Make sure to bump this thread so they fix servers.
i had azmodan down to spec of health grrr
omg game went down what do i do now on a Friday night without diablo
Someone spilled beer on the servers again.
Argh... I wan more demonic Essences!!!!!
Same here. Error 73 nonsense
Same issue here
WOW im in HC n i was fighting molten frozen in a3 inferno...i have crap gear too i dont think i survived
awesome sauce. I was hoping it wasn't just
Please don't be dead.
there went my HC wiz on iskatu hell

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