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Great. Dropped servers. Why are some of my friends logging on just fine?
my roommate is still logged on and playing. I was abruptly disconnected and unable to connect. I can login to European servers, but no NA. Bull!@#$tery I do say.
me too
I was in the middle of a boss fight now I have to try again.... and I was winning... such disappointment battlenet!!!!
I was playing HC.. what if I DIED!!?? Damn!!!
how do i diablo??? it tells me error 73 and it says i suck or something. BLIZZARD WHAT DO I DO??? how do i play? I need good items. tp plz. can i have gold for free when it comes back on??
Logged into Europe logged off then was able to log in to the Americas may want to give it a try
its on!!!!!1!!!!111!!1

free gold plz?? pp. WUG. enigma4hr

lets meet up at lut gholiem
REBOOT Computer. It worked for me and I can now log in!
No I just logged in... no need to reboot
And now I can log in... Thanks!
I just logged in but and to my surprise two unique monster kills I achieved earlier today were no longer ticked under Unique Collection. I suspect one of their database crashed and they just retrieved the data earlier from today...
I'm still getting the error 73
Just got kicked a few minutes ago with error 73, can't log back on
error 73, same here, WTF
Not any comments from Blizzard?

Getting the same error! Damn!
same, i cant log in now

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