Act 4 Warden - Hardest part of HC leveling?

So far on my attempt at hardcore, I've found the AH takes a lot of the fun out of it as I'm in a pattern of grinding a bit for money, spending ~10k per item once every few levels for Vit/Strength/LoH/Armour gear, then walking through the campaign without my health getting to half very often at all.

Having said that, I've nearly died twice, and on both occasions it was by the Act 4 warden (in Normal and Nightmare). Is he intended to be that major of a factor here? It's odd because I can walk through the rest of the game so far no problem but I think if for no other reason than paranoia I'm going to join a team game to get passed him in Hell/Inferno when those times come.
ranged classes do a little better against him... he has the healing debuff that suckssssss
Yeah that bastard has downed quite a few of my heroes but most of the time I'm in such a rush to get through normal it may be my own fault - GL and have fun!
He has caught me off guard when leveling HC characters. Had some close calls but no deaths from him.

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